Tuesday, May 22, 2007

One fish, two fish...

Summer has officially arrived here! Today's weather forecast said "warm with brilliant sunshine." And, it was indeed a gorgeous day...sunny, 85 degrees, a light breeze, and no clouds at all! The boys and I met a new friend at the mall today for lunch, which was great fun, and then we headed to Erika's for a day at her pool. Jackson LOVES the pool. He shrieks in delight whenever we even mention the word. So, he went right to sleep when I told him that he would get to swim in the pool as soon as he woke up from his nap. I spent a couple of hours just enjoying the sunshine, cold glass of iced tea in hand, and visiting with Erika while the boys napped...and then they woke up!! They played and splashed and giggled for an hour and a half. It was so much fun! To Jack's utter delight, Jason wanted to swim after dinner, so he took him back in again.It was such a great day, filled with fun and laughter! It's bedtime here...and now they're both sleeping. I imagine they'll sleep well tonight...I love my fish!

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  1. All right -- just to toss a comment in here, I noticed the photos of your two little guys, and may I join the countless throngs of people to note that the first looks just like Jason, and the second looks just like Sarah.

    Just think, when they get a little older, you can use a bit of makeup and have your own little clones. And that'll be durn useful when the day arrives that you need an alibi.

    You know...not that I know from personal experience, or anything. Heheh.