Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pirates Play Hockey

I had shelved most of my animated movies. I used to watch a lot of them in college. I was a nanny then, and somehow just kinda got hooked! Well, now that we have Jack and Max, the animated movie cases have begun to reappear. Peter Pan is the first one that Jack watched all the way through. Jason won a copy at a contest at work, and Jack asks to watch it just about everyday. I had never seen it...I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's because I'm one of nine children and that didn't allow me many movie outings as a child. Perhaps it's because Disney hoarded it away during my nanny years, only to re-release it now in the hopes that now-grown-up parents will rush to the nearest box store and purchase it, all in the name of nostalgia. Whatever the case, I've seen it now, and I love seeing Jack's blue eyes filled with wonder and surprise each time he watches it! AND, it provided for a moment of sheer hilarity the other night when we were at friends watching a bit of the Detroit Red Wings hockey game. Jack pointed at the t.v. and seeing the players holding hockey sticks shouted, "I see Captain Hook on there!" Priceless!

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