Sunday, June 10, 2007

Beach Day

We went to church this morning, then headed right to the beach. It was a perfect day...8o degrees and sunny. We all had so much fun together. Jack spent most of the time near and in the water, and Max preferred to stay dry. Well, until Jack came to play with the buckets, too. They provided great entertainment for us, and everyone around us! We went to Erika's pool afterwards, and just got home a little while ago. After spending several hours at the beach, and several at the pool, they were both exhausted and are now sleeping soundly! I'm so thankful for these two little boys...they bring us so much joy!


  1. Oh, you tease, you tease. It's not like the east coast ocean though, is it Sar? But it's probably better to have gently lapping waves for your little ones.

    (Sorry- Don't meet many East Coasters. Got to put my 2 cents in once in a while.)

  2. Jack looks like such a big boy in the water!! i'm proud of him, he couldn't possibly be a short if he didn't love the beach!