Sunday, June 24, 2007


I'm sure every mom can identify with this bittersweet finding something once treasured in an old box in the basement; or seeing a familiar baby sleeper on a department store hanger... my case...putting the same outfit on Max that Jack used to wear. I happily pull things out of my labeled bins...and I love using them again! But, then I remember...

...that Jack was once this little.

...where we were headed when he wore them.

...the "oohs" and "ahhs" of "he's SO little and cute!"

...that he's almost 3 now.

...that his baby chub is replaced with muscle.

...and that it's just as hard to get him dressed now as it was back then!

Bittersweet...just no other way to describe it!

...Thanks for the idea, Aim!


  1. Wow - they each really have their own look. So cute! I remember it wigging me out the first time I put on a dress that K LIVED in on T. It felt strange...

  2. Oh, yes. I hear you about that. I'm glad you took photos of both your boys in that shirt. Isn't that funny how you have such memories. I have a friend who said she'll buy a whole new wardrobe if she ever has a second child b/c it's too hard for her emotionally to do what you did. (Share clothes.) I wouldn't go that far, but it's an interesting concept.

    For financial reasons, I intend to have our children share clothes.

  3. It is really bittersweet too for us now that we know there will be no more little people wearing "the shirt"; they're all growing so fast and the cute little shirt will be left behind; you have at least one more coming to wear yours. :)

  4. Sar!! How adorable....hey, Sar & Aim, I'm expecting to be able to use some of those clothes for our little ones :)