Sunday, June 17, 2007


My dad passed away when I was four months pregnant with Jackson. Each Father's Day since, I find myself spending much of the day thinking of him...reliving memories, looking at pictures, and I cry. I miss him, and I miss the grandfather that he would be to my boys. He was extraordinary. He was different. He loved people...he really loved us. He spent his entire legal career fighting for those that were needy. He liked ice cream. He made us fresh lemonade when we came back from the park. He loved New York, so he took us there. He memorized entire Shakespeare plays, and entire books of the Bible. He chuckled. He always drove a broken down car because one that worked too well he deemed extravagant. He put me through college. He taught me to love learning. I wish he would have taught me how to make his famous peanut butter fudge...

That isn't enough...I don't have all the right words to share...but they're in my heart today.


  1. Oh, Sar-

    I never had the opportunity to sit down and meet, REALLY meet, your father. But from how you describe him, he sounds amazing. Such a beautiful blend of energy, appreciation of education, empathy and creativity.

    I wish he could have been present for your boys as well. I truly do.

    Thank you for sharing that description of him. I can see that he has passed on the legacy through you. What a beautiful parent you are.

  2. Sarah Grace- I'm sorry you have to experience this pain, I know how difficult it can be. Your father was a precious man with a sweet soul. I know he looks down at you and smiles at what a wonderful wife and mommy you are, I just know it! Always know he is watching over you.

    Love you- San

  3. Em and San-

    Thank you for your kind words! You are both great friends!