Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Has anyone heard of Freecycle? Well, as of 8:31 am Eastern time, 3,540,995 people have. And they're using it. SO, what is Freecycle? In a nutshell, it's a network of people around the world who are giving away (and getting) FREE stuff. YES, I did say FREE! It is truly intriguing what people are giving away; and even more remarkable what people will take; as long as it's free. After you join your local group (via email), you are then privy to a message board of the "free stuff" that people are giving away in your local area. If you see something you like, you just email the person giving it away, and arrange for pickup. It's that simple. Want to give something away? Just create a post, and wait for the responses to pour in! Now, let's say there's something you'd like to acquire, and for free, of course. You can place a "Wanted" ad, and all of the Freecyclers in your area can see that you're looking for it. Are you looking for a new car? One member in my area posted a wanted ad for a new car...well, he said it didn't have to be new; it just needed to be in great condition and be able to travel long distances. Wow! If I see that he gets one, I'm hooked! So, if you're garage is looking too empty after that garage sale, then join Freecycle...I'm positive you can fill it up again!

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