Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Jason returned home last night from an overnight business trip. Jack had hoped to wait up for him (past his usual 7:30 bedtime), but the signs of his "overtiredness" began to express themselves by about 8:00, and bedtime immediately ensued.

SO, when he woke up this morning, he was elated to find that Daddy was home!

And, in usual, super-Daddy fashion, Jason had a present for him. This time, it wasn't a lollipop, or a piece of candy, or even a little airplane. Oh, no! This time, Jason brought Jack the whole airport!

So, Jas, thank you for making this rainy Wednesday morning so fun for Jack. Thank you for teaching him the joy of giving; and for showing him that he's on your mind when you're away!

You're one cool super-Daddy!

(On a side note, Delta couldn't have branded this miniature airport any more effectively. Jack is already spelling out the D-E-L-T-A on every piece!)


  1. Gotta love advertising!

    Dads are the best :)

  2. That's scarily hilarious.

    I watched a girlfriend's 2 small children once. We were playing "house" and it was time for dinner. They had been to McDonald's SO much that they thought that every meal should come with a toy. So when they gave me my fake dinner, I got a little something special with my plastic broccoli. That advertising is something else.