Thursday, June 14, 2007

Noodles & Company

Jason returned from a business trip late last night. We'll often go out to eat the night after he gets back from a business trip so that we can just spend the evening talking and catching up without "messying" the kitchen. Tonight we went to Noodles & Company. I had never been there before, but it's really good. They have Thai, Italian, and American pasta dishes; definitely something for everyone. Jack and Max both loved the Wisconsin Mac & Cheese! Jason got the Penne Rosa--spicy red-pepper flaked tomato cream and penne pasta tossed with white wine, mushroom, fresh spinach and roma tomato topped with feta cheese. I got the Pesto Cavatappi--curly pasta tubes sauteed in olive oil and tossed with basil pesto, mushroom, roma tomato, white wine and a dash of cream finished with shredded Parmesan. (I think I'll try to recreate these myself at a later time!) Did I memorize all of that from the menu at the restaurant; of course not, I just copied it from the website menu that you can find here. Because Jason is the sweet husband that he is, he switched plates with me because I really loved his dish! There wasn't a Noodles & Company in Baltimore when we lived there, but according to the website, there is one in Hunt Valley and one in White Marsh now. SO, for all of my Baltimore readers that may have seen it, but not visited...we recommend it!


  1. I love this place, too! My favorite is the buttered noodles with chicken. I've made it at home (which I felt was fairly close, albeit easy), too.

  2. How funny, you wrote this before I even "knew" you! I saw "restaurant recommendations" in your categories and was curious. We LOVE Noodles! We got one in Annapolis back in early 2008, I think. And just last week we saw we're getting one in Bowie! SO exciting! Do they have them down in NC? Excited to hear the news of your little one's arrival!