Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Picture Reminder

I ate a piece of toast for breakfast. I usually don't eat breakfast at all...I drink a cup of chai, and eat at lunch...usually after the kids are down for their naps. (If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that we're big dinner and dessert people!)

But, now that I'm carrying this little one, I feel it responsible to eat breakfast (not to mention the little bit of queasiness I'm feeling in the a.m.); so, I forced down a piece of toast.

After I ate, Jack looked down at the crumbs on my plate and shouted:

"OH, NO, Mommy...you forgot to take a picture!"

Mmmm...perhaps I have a budding blogger on my hands.


  1. He's so cute :) can't wait to hear that little voice

  2. Oh yes... there is NO doubt!

    That's great.

    My father in law always calls his sister as soon as he arrives at our house. One time, before he even got a chance to sit down long, Morgan barked at him, "Grandpa! You need to call Aunt Marlys!"

    Kids are creatures of habit!

  3. That it so funny. You must keep a camera in the kitchen to capture all of this food!