Friday, June 29, 2007

Travel News

We made it halfway.

We're somewhere in Ohio.

I'm so tired.

The Hampton didn't have any available cribs.

Max will be sleeping in a makeshift bed.

The boys are wired. Giggles all around.

How many times did I say "no" today? Too many to count.

Can't wait to sleep.

Now, if only I can get the Peter Pan crocodile song out of my head..."tick-tock, tick-tock".


  1. Oh, Sarah- I feel for you! Hang in there. Your blog perfectly described it.

  2. We're praying for you guys! It'll soon be over and you'll be enjoying Maryland :) Love you guys!
    Rach and Ry

  3. Where in MD are you headed? I'm guessing maybe the beach?

    Just wanted you to stop by my blog today - I've nominated you for an award! Play along if you like!

    Leigh Ann

  4. Leigh Ann,

    We're actually in Baltimore! This is where we'll spend most of our vacation time, but we're heading to the beach (Ocean City) for a few days early this week to meet my sister and her family!!

    And, thank you for your post. I'm very honored! :)