Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"Why Not?"

Jack discovered today that random household items tightly fastened to his upper lip don't feel very good there! Because I am a compassionate mother, there is no photographic evidence of his unpleasant experience. However, the conversation that ensued was humorous.

Mommy: "We only use this to keep the chip bag closed so that the chips don't get yucky."

Jack: "It hurt me."

Mommy: "I know...that's why you shouldn't put it on your lip."

Jack: "Why not?"


  1. You should call him Captain Obvious. That's hilarious.

  2. So funny! Sometimes, when in the midst of explaining something when disciplining, it occurs to me...they don't get this yet...just say, "NO HITTING" and forget the rest.

    ha ha!

  3. too funny, I can see him saying that with his cute little face tilted and looking up at you. so cute.