Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Will Walk For Treats

For those of you who have inquired as to whether or not Max has officially started walking after his exciting first steps when Grandma was here, here's the 411: I talked to him before he went to bed, and he wanted me to let you know that he's working really hard on it...doing squats and lunges to strengthen his quads. And, he wants me to continue to hold out various treats a few steps away so that he can practice. I shall happily oblige...


  1. Oh those photos are priceless. They tell the whole story. What a cutie. Did I already tell you that Dan thinks that Jackand Max looks like you? Very cute.

  2. how adorable! tell max thanks for being so cute and for trying really hard :)
    Aunt Rach

  3. Em, we get that all the time! I agree...and Max has the hugest cheeks known to man...what does that say about me? haha

  4. yay max!!!! can't wait to see him in action!!
    love aunt em