Thursday, July 5, 2007

Beach Trip Highlights--Day 2

Our second day at the beach started with NOT sleeping in (does anyone get to do that with kids on vacation?), and a quick breakfast. We headed to the beach where we all played in the sand and water.

The "Scopes" guy came by and attempted to take pictures of the boys. If you're unfamiliar with "Scopes", they are these little telescope pictures that look like keyrings that every middle school girl that's ever been to Ocean City has hanging on her backpack. These guys in little red shorts with "Scopes" written on the butt run around desperately trying to woo you into getting these pictures taken.

Well, Anna and I decided to let the young 20-something that headed our way attempt to pose and photograph the boys. HAHA! Clearly, he had no children, and hadn't taken many photographs of toddlers, because he tried, and tried, and tried to get the boys to sit in a train position. HAHA, again! Anna and I watched in amusement as the boys squirmed and fussed, and refused to sit in any type of posed position! HAHAHAHA! It provided us with great amusement!

Zak and Jason came out of the water, and rebuked us for flirting with the "Scopes" guy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

We then went to the pool. This Ocean City Hilton had the best kids pool I have ever seen. There were two water slides, one small; one large. There was a whale that shot water straight up the air. There was a lazy river for wading and floating, and water fountains for the babies. Jack and Nathan both loved it. Here's a pic (sans kids) the morning before we left:

Enter Grandmother! My mom came down in the afternoon to watch the boys so that Anna, Zak, Jason, and I could go out to dinner. It was such a treat. She happily watched the boys while we showered, and it allowed us to get ready without the normal stress of chasing little ones around.

I suppose after raising nine children, you don't get flustered by much!

Then we went out to eat. There's only one thing to get when going out to eat on the Eastern Shore in Maryland:

All You Can Eat CRABS!

We went out for snowballs afterwards. It was so nice being able to catch up with each other, and not have to care for our boys while trying to do that. (Anna and Zak...thank you so much!)

Grandmother had a lot of fun with the boys. She let them splash to their hearts content in the bathtub...a luxury they don't get very often! She sang songs to them, and Jack had fun telling us all about it the next morning.

It was a great vacation! We hope to do it again! Next time, there will be at least two more little ones with us! WOW!


  1. Oh man, Thrasher's fries? I haven't had them in years. We've been going to NJ for the past several years. Gotta love the scopes guys!

    We had md crabs for the 4th last night with my husband's family - yum!

  2. To see those guys try to get the little ones to sit would have been good movie material. They earned their keep that day. :)

  3. Boy, I'm am really missing out here. I might need to tag along on a vaca with you guys...thrasher's fries, scopes guys, crab, ?snowballs, THIS sounds like things I need to experience!