Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Fun

Look at these adorable, and creative sandwiches!

My mom sent these to me. I love to create fun things like this for my kids, especially for their birthday parties! I really like the kids sushi found here. It's amazing to me what kids will eat if it just "looks" fun! Some of these look kinda complicated, but some of them don't look difficult at all, and they are SO cute.

They gave me something to smile about, anyway! :)

Happy Friday!


  1. Those are absolutely adorable - but oh my goodness, I could never create something that looked like that! Thanks for sharing!

    I might link to this post on my cooking blog, if that is okay.

  2. And mom always said never play with your food. Why? This looks like a whole lotta fun!

  3. heehee. I could see you doing this, Sar.

  4. Maybe I could swing it for a bday party...looks like fun! AND, my girls LOVE olives...I see them as eyes...