Friday, July 27, 2007

The Question

It happened. He asked the question that I wondered how I'd answer even before he was born.

Jack: "Mommy, how did that baby get in your belly?"

Any of you more experienced moms wanna tell your stories, give me some advice, laugh along with me help me out on this one?


  1. LOL! Thank goodness I never was asked that question at a young age. I did explain it *honestly* when my girls were old enough.

    The one thing that I did have to face was the humiliation of sitting down to dinner (out to eat and in public) when my daughter loudly announced, to the waitress, *Mommy's baby's gonna come out of her bottom*! The place got quiet and I went beet red! Libby is almost 14 now but she was 3 when she did this and I'll never let her forget it, LOL!

  2. Believe it or not, I still have a scrap of paper in a recipe book with a drawing of ovaries, fallopian tubes, etc. from when my son Collin, now 12, asked me the same question.

    I think your guys are very little, so I would just say, when you are married, Daddy loved Mommy a whole bunch, adn God helped Daddy to put the baby inside. That should suffice for now.

  3. Oh, don't get me started. When I was teaching - I went back to college to get my master's and I got it in Health Ed (my bachelor's was in Health and PE) - my thesis was that exact same topic - well, not how does a baby get in your belly, but how do you talk with them.
    I agree with Tracy - you're children are still young - just keep it very basic and simple. I have some good reference books - I'll try to email them to you - or maybe I could do a blog post about it? Do you think that would be helpful info to anyone?????

  4. LOL. I would say "Go ask Daddy."


  5. This is hilarious, Sarah. Let us know your results!

    I can tell you that Morgan is very interested in her ... ugh- I hate this word- vagina. We told her that it's a special place that no one can touch.

    I don't want to tell her the real name until later because Morgan has a spidey sense about knowing what words cause my skin to crawl. I don't want the word "vagina" creeping up in dinner conversation like your friend who posted earlier.

  6. Yep, we went with the whole idea of Mommy and Daddy love eachother very much and God gave us the baby for my son Josh (5 yr). Oddly enough that did it. Good Luck!

  7. So funny!

    We did the whole, "God puts the baby there." :)

    Of course, have fun with the, "How will it get out?" or "Where does it come out?" he he!

    My K was happy to just "assume" things and I didn't necessarily tell her that babies don't come out of bellybuttons... :)

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