Friday, July 6, 2007

The Shopping Cart Nap

We headed to Costco today to get goodies for our annual summer party that we're throwing tomorrow. When we arrived, Max had fallen asleep. Jason picked him up out of his carseat, and he didn't wake at all.

Mmmm? What to do?

AH-HA! I grabbed my pillow from the front seat (still there from our loooong car ride here), placed it in the back of the shopping cart, and laid Max right down on it!

Let's just say he was more popular than the free samples at Costco today!!


  1. He actually looks quite cozy! Sounds like you had a great trip, welcome back!

  2. If you did not have a picture of this, no one would believe it! WOW! That is amazing. I have yet to be blessed with that kind of sleeper :)

  3. I bet the shoppers kept quipping, "What aisle do the sleeping baby boys come from?"

    Give those cheeks a kiss from us.

  4. That is just perfectly adorable! (can you use those two words together?)