Wednesday, July 25, 2007


We've been teaching Max sign language.

We taught it to Jack and it was great in helping him communicate with us when he couldn't really talk yet.

So, tonight, while eating his pizza for dinner, we had our first measure of success with Max...

He signed "more".


  1. Good for him, we tried that with our first born who got it right away. Katie however, finds screaming more effective! PS - tried your greek pasta tonight. It had great flavor, but terrible cook that I am - the pasta was not quite cooked enough. Oh well, better luck next time.

  2. Oh yes - we loved the sign language! It was so helpful. Our favorite with K was "Thank you". Instead of moving her hand from her mouth and down, she'd just smack herself in the eye. It was a crack up! have fun!

  3. Oh gosh, isn't sign language for little ones the best? My youngest daughter is chronically ill and had major sensory issues when she was about 1-2 years old. Her therapist taught us sign language to help her to communicate (she's also a selective mute) and what a difference it made in her life. The *more* sign has always been my very favorite, for some reason.

  4. That's really awesome, you guys! Another thing I'm keeping tucked away for the future :)

  5. love the sign language my DS3 still uses 'more' - makes me happy because he's the baby of the family!