Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday: Organized Grocery List

I love to cook. But, I don't really like going to the grocery store. The idea is for me to get in there, and out of there, in the shortest time possible!

A few years ago, I started sorting my grocery list by the layout of my grocery store. This practice has significantly shortened the amount of time I spend shopping. First, I have my's a random list, and is scribbled on and added to throughout the week. I then add all the things that I will need for that week's meals. Then, when my list is complete (and right before I walk out the door to shop), I re-write it. It only takes 2 minutes to do this, and it's worth BOTH minutes! I make a list that is sorted by the aisles in my store, as I come upon them in my "route"; produce, dairy, snacks, canned goods, cereals/breakfast, baking needs, drinks, etc.

This saves SO much time at the grocery store. I am not running back through aisles realizing that I missed this or that, but once I get to the last aisle, I'm finished! This tip has has definitely "worked for me!"

*You can see more Works For Me Wednesday tips at Rocks In My Dryer each week. If you have a tip to share, go to her site and add your tip! The guidelines can be found here. Or, if you just feel like browsing, (which is what I've been doing until today), there are some great tips on there!

My friend, Mary, posted a great cleaning schedule that has worked for her. You can view it on her blog here!


  1. Rewriting it...that is a good idea. I just write the things in the approximate place as I make the list, but I gotta tell you, sometimes I am squeezing things in and sometimes I am drawing arrows. I don't think that is helpful for the hubby who does the grocery shopping. (I hate it too!)

    I am flattered to be linked... :)

  2. I don't like going to the grocery store at all!!! It is my least favorite chore, so my hubby usually does the grocery shopping...I just make him a list and he actually half way enjoys it, because he prides himself on how well he saves and he rarely goes off the list (unlike myself who is notorious of swaying from my list!!)

    We shop at Hilander (Kroger) Grocery Store, sometimes we go to Logli's. When we lived in Kansas we always shopped at Dillons (Kroger). It's funny the different grocery store names.

  3. I do something similar...I created a "form" on my computer to make my list match the store's layout. It really does save a lot of time! Maybe I'll share it for next week's tip!

  4. My husband is such a sweety, as he does the major shopping trip each week after work. So, I try to purposely make trips to the store as easy as possible. By doing things similar to what you do. I put all the items in order - from start to beginning - in the path that he normally walks the store.

    I also right down the size, brand, and how much is needed.

    I also have a detailed description of any coupons that go with the product.

    We have an understanding, that if a name brand item with a coupon is still more expensive than the generic, then to ditch the coupon and get the lesser cost. He also keeps an eye out on the prices so we can do comparison shopping. It is such a blessing to work as a team on this.

    Thanks for your posting. It was interesting. I have bookmarked your blog. We have similar interests. :)