Thursday, August 30, 2007

Text Speak

I am texter. Text messenger. Texting queen.

I love communicating through my cell phone's ability to send messages. My friend, Erika, and I have built a friendship through it. Let me explain.

Phone calls are hard. Most of the time, when the phone rings before 8pm, I can't get to the phone. I'm diapering a bottom, disciplining my angelic 2-year old (LOL!), in the shower, covered in flour, or if I somehow manage to break free, the phone is buried somewhere under a sofa cushion and I can't find it. Thank goodness for caller id. (Yes, family...I always answer when you call!) ;)

But a text doesn't require immediate action. If my phone is readily available and I'm not involved in any of the activities mentioned above, then I can respond quickly. If I'm tied up (literally...I was a mummy in a blanket yesterday!), I can respond when I'm free!

And, I'm good at it. My sweet husband bought me a laptop just before my oldest was born. I learned to type one-handed, while the other arm held my constantly nursing newborn. This translated into an ambidextrous ability to text. With a little tutoring from Erika, I can write paragraph long messages in under 3o seconds...even with a toddler tugging at my pajama pants.

Why did I write all that? Oh yeah. So, last night while waiting for my husband to return from a business trip, I was browsing through some of my sent messages. I had to laugh...some of them require translation...some just need commentary. Here they are:

"Going to jump on eggs." Translation: We're going to the mall with the play area of oversized breakfast food.

"Love, love, love, love, love you!" Translation: The kids have been coo-coo! I can't wait til you're home from this trip!

"UGH!" This could have been in response to any number of things...I like way overuse this phrase. Like totally.

"Baby #3" I sent this message to my husband with a picture of my positive pregnancy test. LOL! He was in the middle of a meeting when he got it...HAHA! :)

"In case you didn't believe the first one..." This was the message I sent to my husband a few minutes later with a picture of my second positive pregnancy test!

"This is serious!" Erika and I are often watching Wonder Pets at the same we send each other lyrics to the songs they're singing while the show is on!

"Eddie Bauer has fifty-percent off clearance." Had to let my best friend know the latest mall happenings! That's what friends are for, right?


  1. how funny. i'm a texter, also. i had to once my kids got their own cell phones (years ago).

    we use the feature a lot. it comes in handy so many times. there are times when we need to get a message to each other. and then there's other times that we just send little love messages.

    i think i'll go send one to my daughter right now. i haven't talked to her in a couple of days.

  2. Ah, I see. I thought texting had to be an immediate thing.

    Dan's company blackberry (which I affectionately call "Furby") is always chirping about some message or phone call. Nice to know that there are other ways to text. :)

    Sarah, it's amazing how much social life you have with 2.5 children. You're amazing.

  3. I've only begun since opening my gmail account and figuring out its chat feature. Haven't started with the phone....yet!!

    I wanted to tell you that I just picked up that Dangerous Book for Boys at BJs earlier this week - it looks like so much fun!

  4. LOL! You crack me up! I can not stand text messaging! It bugs the honkers outta me, LOL! I'm so slow at it and I just don't enjoy reading them. Therefore, I never use it, LOL. But, then again, I can't stand the phone either, LOL!

    Loved how you told your husband about baby #3! Too cute!

  5. Amazing. We spent 30 minutes just trying to show my parents how to use their new cell today and how to figure out their new number. I think they are still in rotary mode.

  6. You ARE amazing! It takes me too long to type a text message... I still only use one hand. I love receiving them, but then I get annoyed that I have to answer 'cause I'm SO slow... LOL. But I LOVE receiving them from ALL my girls :)!!

    I miss you!


  7. Thanks so much for stopping by and getting one of my balloons!!!