Sunday, September 16, 2007

Change of Routine

It's 7:00 a.m. on Sunday morning at our house. Wanna peek in at what's typically happening?

Brace yourself...

Wake up. Time for church.
Make breakfast.
Kids won't eat...want "something else".
Mommy removes wet Cheerio from baby's newly washed hair.
Daddy attempts to find clean clothes for boys.
Baby banging on Mommy's shower door.
Mommy finds boys clothes.
Break-up boys wrestling match.
Dress resistant boys.
Mommy finds Daddy's clean clothes.
Pack diaper bag (where is the diaper bag?)
Find other shoe.
Find Bible (shouldn't this be the easiest thing to find?)
Drag crying toddler to the car.
Stub toe on way out the door.
Forget to close garage door.
Argue all the way to church about how disorganized we are and how far behind we are on the laundry, and whose fault it is.
Walk into church and...


Does this scenario (or one similar) sound familiar to anyone else?

Well, unfortunately, I have to admit that this scene has happened more than once in our house lately. It's the only day of the week that all four of us need to have Cheerio-free hair, be fully clothed, and be out the door at the same time. And, along with the disorganization that often takes over my household, it can make for some major chaos.

So, when our pastor announced that our church would be starting a Saturday evening service, identical to the two on Sunday morning, we originally dismissed it as irrelevant to our Sunday morning, chaos ensuing, toe-stubbing, church-going lives.

And, then we thought about it. Really thought about it.

Conclusion: We decided to try it.

It was such a wonderful experience for our family. The boys napped in the afternoon while we got ready. We prepared to worship our God who knows the current, sometimes frantic stage of life we're in. We organized the diaper bag, laid out the boys' clothes, and all of us walked out to the car. No one had to be dragged!

We still forgot to close the garage door. LOL! But, our smiles when entering the building were genuine, and both my hubby and I agree...this service was made for us. For now.


  1. Oh, Sar- That sounds like SUCH a good idea. I'm going to have to pick your brain when I see you! So much to hear from you!

  2. We go to church on Saturday nights -- it's rare that we go on Sunday mornings anymore and we LOVE it.

    Btw - are you sure that wasn't my house you were describing? LOL Our pastor last week was talking about his week off and how they just went to church as a family and he now has no idea how his wife does it every week. His description was eerily similar to yours. :)

  3. Awwww, I'm so glad this door was opened for y'all. You're right, it sounds like this service was made just for y'all. God knows your heart! He heard ya, even when you ddn't realize you were *talking*! I'm so happy for y'all!

  4. Sounds like a great success!

    And, I hate it when they get goo in clean hair! We had yogurt head the other day.

  5. that's great! i remember when our church started saturday night services. there were a lot of people who objected. but it was an instant hit because it fit a lot of schedules. families of young kids, for one. i'm sure you're more in the mood for worshipping.

  6. It sounds like you found such a great fit!

  7. Now I'm wishing our church had a Saturday night service! Sunday morning craziness abounds around here as well!

  8. Wow, you must go to a pretty big church for them to have that many services. And we too can relate to the hurried rush, and arguments right before the big grin when we open the church doors. We don't have Sat night service, but just tried a church with a 10am service, and we actually had time to goof around in the basement before we had to go! It was kind of nice.

  9. I found your blog through Sarah, Tara, and Earen. I'm happy I's already been a blessing!

    You have described the scene in our house on Sunday mornings very accurately. We finally decided that we either needed to go to Saturday night services (which is GREAT), or have EVERYTHING ready the night before. It still means craziness in the morning (things rarely go as planned), but it relieves some stress.

    I read somewhere that there are more family arguments on Sunday mornings while getting ready for church than any other time. Hmmm... :P

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. You are so right. We usually have to decompress while we sit in church on Sunday. Apologies and forgiveness are always on the menu. I wish it could be less frazzled for us.

  11. There are definitely some Sunday mornings in which our home sounds just like yours! Try having a nursing newborn on top of all of that! You soon will, but I'm glad Sat. night is working for you guys! Your church sounds great!

  12. Hey, Sar! Haven't seen pics of the little cuties in a while...have they gone missing? :) j/k...i miss you all!

  13. Sounds nice Sar; Sundays are probably a really nice relaxing family day now. miss you guys!

  14. Hi!
    I just noticed that your profile says that you're in MI. Which part of the state?

    My family and I just moved back to the Lansing area.

  15. Sounds like the perfect solution!!

  16. OH yes, we are that same family getting ready on Sun morning. I'm glad you found a better time that works!

  17. I wish ours had a Sat night service. Our church is too small. Oh well - b/c our Sundays usually look like that too, but have lately include the inappropriate use of sharpies.

  18. I found your blog thorough Multi Tasking Moms. We go to Saturday night service too. I can totally relate to the Sunday morning chaos. We have three kids and for some reason I can leave the house in order with them but add Daddy to the mix and it creates craziness, I haven't figured out why yet.... Saturday night has been so much easier for us and feels like a family outing to worship the Lord instead of a Family crisis!