Friday, September 28, 2007

Happiness Is...


...Black Cherry Kool-Aid.

...good friends coming to visit this weekend! night=WVU Football game, picnic on our bed, junk food! GO MOUNTAINEERS!

...little boy shoes.

...a flickering Spiced Pumpkin candle.

...the Outback Special! YEAH!

...a trip to Target - complete with my favorite Starbucks drink!

...peaches. (more about that on Monday!)

...potty training success!

So, what's making you happy today? I'd love to know! Or, how about a "Happiness Is..." post at your site? I'd love to see what makes you happy, too!


  1. Let's see......mums, pumpkins, candy corn, foddershocks and scarecrows in all the yards, cider, Friday night football, we dont have to get up early tomorrow which means we will al pile in our bed in the morning for snuggles and tickles, we are eating at my moms tomorrow so I dont have to cook, ......Praise the Lord!

  2. My hubby comes home tonight and I have missed him terribly! Putting on PJ's and renting On Demand and having a carpet picnic with him :) Getting to see Squirt in mommy's belly next week, YAY! Feeling good on the first day of my third trimester, thank God so far so good. Sleeping in tomorrow for the first time in a long time!

  3. Great idea friend! Every time I go to Target, I too get Starbucks...LOVE Starbucks!! I'm going to do this next week. Have fun this weekend with your friends & a fabulous date night!!

  4. Oooo, I love this idea! I think all my happiness right now comes from fall things and the kiddos! Hope you have fun this weekend!

  5. Have a great date night! Happiness surely is a date night with the hubby!

  6. An overnighter in Traverse City with my husband...tell you more later :)

    Target? Favorite drink? No call to Ginger to stop somewhere...anywhere, to see you?

    That would make me happy! :) :) :)

  7. LOL at Ginger's comment!

    Happiness is....
    ...A full, cold, 24 oz bottle of pepsi! heehee
    ...Hubby not having to work tonight and being together as a family.

    How sweet of you to ask what makes us happy!

  8. I'm with you on Target, Starbucks, football dates (although I'm a Wolverine!) and candles. Potty training success? Give me 5 or 6 years.

  9. hmm so much makes me happy...
    When I know that I know that I know that God has spoken to me;
    When Sandie and Lisie are happy;
    When my husband laughs, when we're together, when he's not stressed (opps, that doesn't happen often);
    When the Steelers win!!
    Love and miss you Little Girl!

  10. I am burning Yankee's Fall Festival and cleaning up the house. When my house is straightened up, that will make me happy! No, I'm happy now just to cuddle with my girls and wait for Chad to get home!

  11. My closet is clean...this is HUGE!!! It makes for happy Janelle.

    Enjoy yor night!

  12. I just love your Happiness Is posts. I'm gonna have to remember to post one this weekend, if I can remember!

  13. turning leaves, a chill in the air, dancing children, another day of life, and much, much more!

  14. Amen to black cherry kool-aid! Just don't spill it!


  15. Happiness is reading all you wonderful bloggers posts!!!

  16. A five hour stretch of sleep with a newborn!!

  17. Those are things that make me smile too....Fridays, peaches, football, picnics, starbucks coffees.