Monday, September 10, 2007


Wanna know what my family room currently looks like? Trust me, you don't. But, if I were to allow you to see it, it would fit perfectly as an illustration next to the cliche, "It looks like a hurricane came through here." Let's just say that you would not notice my decorating style at all unless you think little boy clothes, wipes, diapers, toys, train tracks (sorry, Sweetheart...I'll put them back together), sippy cups and random pieces of muffin were the result of my inspiration.

Ok, that's not the whole truth...the hurricane hit my kitchen, too. Only I can't blame that on my children. That was all me.

So, here I am...laying on my bed...NOT doing anything to remedy the situation and feeling totally overwhelmed by it. The hurricane that swept through my house has now taken hold of my mind, and starts to unleash its wrath. I start worrying about unfinished tasks, broken relationships, money, physical hurts, the flickering light in the laundry room, fatigue, the future...and the mental remnants resemble my living room...oh, and kitchen.

I'm paralyzed. But, God isn't. In that still voice within me, He sends His word:

"He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, "Quiet! Be still!" Then the wind died down and it was completely calm." Mark 4:39

He is teaching me that when the hurricanes come through my life, He is here. He is ready to calm the storms that leave physical and mental destruction in their paths. Just knowing that He's here, and that His grace is mine...well, that's the strength I need to get up and serve my family. It's the strength I need to face today's and tomorrow's tasks with the full assurance that the God who is here today, will be here tomorrow!

Update: My sweet husband called me because he was worried about me after I posted this. I hope that what comes across more than anything in this post is that God is so good, and that even in my moments of weakness...HE is here!! He's the most amazing Comforter, and His word engraved on my heart provides encouragement in even the most overwhelming of situations! :)


  1. Oh, Sar. I'm sorry you feel overwhelmed. That's a terrible feeling. It's hard being a momma and knowing how to balance time with children, our own health and running a home. May you have the peace of mind to be gentle on yourself during this time.

  2. Leigh Ann just informed me that we both live in the same part of the state. I can't believe it! How cool! I thought you were from the other I find out you are from right here next door. Next time you need something you can just drop and note and I can drive right over and help :)

  3. how can we, as mothers, not feel overwhelmed. i think any mom who says they don't feel that way at times is in denial.

    and i do believe God is there with us, encouraging us and helping us through those days when we just want to check out.

    He also brings people into our lives. don't forget you can lean on others when you need to.

  4. How wonderful that you are able to recall scripture in times of need. I hope that your day gets better and that God's words are calming. I know I too have thought of one thing upsetting in my life and then they all seem to cascade at the same time. He is a rock.
    PS I have taken up babysitting 2 additional kids and never knew several rooms could be destroyed so quickly with the addition of a couple little friends.

  5. My daughter's nickname is "Hurricane Georgia" so BOY can I relate to you!! How sweet to have your hubby check in on you. I'm glad that you find peace and comfort in the Lord, especially on days where even the little things seem big.

    By the way, the last time I had a day like yours, the phone rang and the realtor said someone wanted to do a showing in 45 minutes. That was SOOOOO fun!! Good exercise at least. :)

  6. You took the words right out of my mouth.

    My personal hurricane is my overgrown flower bed. I know it will be hard work to de-weed it. It has me paralyzed. Thank you for sharing the Good Word. I will think of that and go conquer those weeds!

  7. Sarah~ I'm so sorry you're feeling so overwhelmed. I sure can relate. You're certainly not alone. (((Hugs)))

  8. I'm so jealous that you and Ginger are close!

    Its awesome that you are able to sense God through those times - and what a great way to show it with those who don't look to Him in times of need

  9. You are certainly NOT alone! If you could only see my laundry room right now.....

  10. Feel your pain. Actually, I see the pain in my own living room, kitchen, bedroom, closet...oh that dreaded closet!!

    So sweet that your hubby called to check on you.