Saturday, September 8, 2007

I'm A Girly Girl, BUT...

I LOVE FOOTBALL! And, so it begins...the start of football season! Woo hoo! Bring it on!

I grew up in a college town, and spent every fall Saturday either attending West Virginia University's home football games, or glued to the T.V. watching the away games with my family (all 11 of us...9 kids, 2 parents!). We'd scream when they'd win, and we'd cry when they'd lose. These games are among my favorite childhood memories.

So, today, I'm curled up in my favorite chair, watching my Mountaineers play their second game of the season. And, there's no place I'd rather be!

Well, until Monday night that is...when my Baltimore Ravens play their opening game! GO RAVENS!!

So, I just gotta I the only girl in bloggyland who loves football?


  1. Football? What's football? :)

    Hey, Sar- My brother goes to WVU. I forgot to tell you that.

    Remember the FIRST year the Ravens played and they won against NY Giants? That was the BEST Superbowl party EVER.

  2. Pittsburgh Steelers all the way baby!Tomorrow, 1PM. I'm ready! Oh, and I love watching my sons play even more!

  3. Sorry, I'm a fan of my boy's soccer teams, but that's about it. My husband is a die hard Miami Dolphins fan, though. Does that count?

  4. i do enjoy watching football. i've been a bronco fan for 17 years now (that's when we moved here), so i'll usually watch them each week. but it's not like i have to be glued to the tv each weekend. it's not a big deal if i miss a game.


  5. Oh, girl, NO WAY. I'm all about the football!! Seriously, could we be buddies or what???

    I was born and raised a Broncos fan, and my hubby is all about the Broncos. (A life-sized John Elway cutout lives in my unfinished basement. My hubby's joke is that in a fire he'd get me and the kids out and then go back for John.) He loves that I know just as much about football as he does.

    By the way, Ray Lewis -- EWWWW!!! I boo him out loud every year...I love to hate that guy. :)

    When I was about 8 or 9, I decided that the Philadelphia Eagles helmets were cool so I started following them as well. My ultimate loyalty is to the Broncos, but I love me some Eagles!

    I'm also a big time CU parents are actually at the game vs. ASU at the moment, and it's on my tv right now!

    My cousin is a linebacker for CSU - so if you ever seen the Rams play on tv, cheer for #51!

    Ummmm, want me to keep going?? :)

  6. I'm not into football even a little bit. It's a good thing because have you been watching the scores of the Wolverines???? My husband is laughing out loud. He's a state fan. Poor, poor Michigan, hehe. Hope you guys aren't too commited to the gold and blue...

  7. I forgot to mention that we are a major tennis family over here. We are glued to the US Open right now. My husband loves football, but we watch tennis as a family. Since my husband and our youngest daughter are pretty awesome players, it's one sport I actually understand :)

  8. I like going to football games, but not crazy about watching it on tv.

    BTW, I was born in WV, but only bcz it was the closest hospital to the town we lived in in OH....6 months later we moved to MI. I lived there for almost 10 years. After several more moves I'm in NC living happily ever after:)

    God Bless,

  9. WE ARE...PENN STATE!!!! Go Nittany Lions!

    My hubby likes the Cowboys - and I like the Steelers as long as they don't get rid of Dan Kreider - he went to my HS! I have football on now - not really watching - but like the background noise - makes it feel like fall. Even though it is hot and sticky outside!

  10. Nope. I'm a football lover. Mostly the Wolverines, who have been oh so disappointing thus far. Oh well! Go Lions! Ha...

  11. GO BRONCOS! I do enjoy football! I'm very much a Broncos & CU fan! When I didn't have children I used to watch it more. We sure do miss John Elway though!!

  12. We are a baseball bunch. But I do know what you mean about loving to watch them on TV.

    Go, Cardinals!

  13. Ewwwwwwww! Football ... Like, GAG ME! :o)

    Love the new look!! :o)

  14. Tennessee Volunteers and Dallas Cowboys ---What could be better than that? (Dont answer that! :-)