Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Our First Day

Today was a first for us. We went to our first MOPS meeting!

We just started attending a new church, and I really wanted to get involved and meet some of the moms. I had been thinking about joining a MOPS group, but just didn't have that extra bit of motivation I often need to try something new. But, when I found out our new church had one, I decided to just jump in and join the group!

Our typical lazy Tuesday morning at home was replaced with an early shower, quick breakfast for the boys, and a rush out the door. I'm happy to say that I was organized today (well, except for the fact that the gas light in my car dinged as soon as I pulled out of the driveway...grrr!), and this day didn't look at all like our typical Sunday morning! Whew! :)

We had a GREAT time! As soon as we entered the door, Jack saw a little girl about his age, and said, "Mommy, I'm going with her!" YIKES!! Jack LOVED his class, and had so much fun! He was so proud of the picture he made:

I really enjoyed my time there, too. There were about 50 of us, separated into tables of 10, with our small group leader at each table (who had called to introduce herself to me last week!) We talked and chatted and laughed about how insane (and hilarious!) life with preschoolers can be. AND, in my small group, FOUR of us are pregnant! How cool is that?

I am not crafty...AT ALL! I can cook, but missed the boat entirely when it comes to craftiness. So, when I found out we were doing a craft, I had immediate visions of the pitied looks that would be sent my way as glue spilled out from the sides of the crooked whatever-it-is I was attempting to make. However, this craft was fullproof, and I walked out of MOPS proudly holding my way-cool keyfob that fits perfectly around my wrist. I will never again have to stick my trying-to-get-lost keys in the back pocket of my increasingly tighter fitting jeans.

Ok, I know...I'm dying to show it to you you're dying to see it! Well, here it is:

I'm excited for next time, and I'm excited about the women that are in my group, and the fun things we're gonna do together with our little ones! I felt really encouraged, and am thankful that God pricked my heart, and whispered, "Join...just trust Me!"


  1. Super cute key fab! I joined MOPS last week too. I was in your same boat and hesitant to join, but I am so glad I did! It is so great to talk with other Moms who are experiencing the same things you are.

  2. I'm SO glad you like MOPS. This will be my 5th year going & I just love it! Love the key chain too! I'm going to ask our MOPS group to make those!!

  3. i'm sooo glad you went and even happier that you enjoyed it. i'm a firm believer that moms of young ones need to fellowship together so they can be of support and encouragement to each other. MOPS does a great job of this.

    and the key fob thingy is very cute =]

  4. Hey Sar! I was part of MOPS last year. Isn't it wonderful? I've give two thumbs up for this venture.

  5. Sounds like a great day!

    I love MOPS. This will be my 3rd year of going. The first wasn't my favorite, and I loved the second. I'll be starting a new MOPS group this year, and I can't wait! (Although I'm a little nervous to meet new people).

    Love your key fob! Kudos to you on doing your first craft successfully! :) Thanks for sharing your morning with us!

  6. Welcome to MOPS! It's a great place to be. This is my second year. I joined when I was new to town last year and it was a life saver. I agree with Renee, my first year wasn't my favorite, but now that I have attended my first meeting - this year, my second year is sooo my favorite. :)
    The grouping of ladies was better this year. It is a good time of conversation and food for the moms and fun for the kids. Love the craft you did. See, you do have talent!

    Our table name is Frappaccino? What's yours?

  7. MOPS has been an important ministry in my life as a mommy. I found friends that are my sisters, and my kids have an awesome set of youngsters to play with.

    I can't tell you how important MOPS has been for me. I am actually taking a break this year, but still pray for and support our local organization. Truly a gift from God.

    LOVE the keychain! We made that same craft last year. Too fun!

  8. Aw, Sar! I'm so happy and excited for you :) I'll be praying that it will continue to encourage you...we just wish it were here in MD...sniff, sniff :) Love you!!

  9. There is just something about being around other moms who love the Lord. Fellowship is a necessity - glad you had a good time- neat key thingie too (what does the word fob mean anyway? - I always wondered)

  10. Go Sarah! I never went to MOPS because I don't think they had such a thing in the stone age, but my friend Lisa in Texas goes and loves it.

    Hooray for you with the craft! Great job!

    I've heard the founder of MOPS speak several times and she is awesome. The program must be great.

  11. MOPS has been such a blessing in my life since the arrival of K. I am so glad you enjoyed it. I hope you meet many wonderful friends and moms there.

    Perhaps develop your crafty side a bit more too :) ha ha! LOVE the key chain.

    OH - love the new header - gotta email me what programs you used...I am so clueless. I see you did your own siggy too. Ok girl - type me an email with some hints - I have no clue where to even begin!

  12. Good for you! I think you will love this experience! Not to mention super cool crafts! LOVE the key chain!

  13. I'm so proud of you for stepping out! You will not be sorry.

    I joined MOPS when I first moved to this area and my son was four weeks old. Actually, he was probably about six weeks when I started MOPS. It was a tough adjustment at first and there were times when I would have to make myself go. I am soooo glad I stuck with it, though. I have made the BEST friends. Janelle up there in your comments is one! God truly blessed me and I know he will do the same for you!

    Yay, MOPS!

    Oh, and I have definitely gotten a few pity filled looks during craft time. SO not a crafty girl ;-)

  14. This sounds great, Sarah. For you and the kids.

  15. How fun! I'm glad you had a good time.
    Nice blog!

  16. ...and a HUGE woohoo for MOPS!! It is such a great thing -- I absolutely love my group, actually that's how I met Earen! I'm on the steering team this year and it's a lot of work but so much fun and I'm looking forward to being a part of giving back to something that's given me so much.

    On to YOU -- so glad you went and SUPER cute craft!!! I'm looking forward to seeing how MOPS touches your life this year. :) Wish we could go together!!

  17. I used to go to a MOPS group too.
    It was so much fun. We always had food, speakers, crafts etc.

    Love that keychain deal.