Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ten Things I Learned This Summer

I'm borrowing this idea from my good friend, Emily, who is never short on creativity! Kris just posted one, too, and I'm jumping on the bandwagon. Well, since fall is about upon us, perhaps I'm jumping on the hayride? Anyway...

Here we go!

1. Cribbage is really, really fun!

2. My baby can walk. I'm one proud Momma.

3. A beach day provides endless entertainment for little boys, and chunks of wet sand on Mommy's sunglasses.

4. Give away a cookbook on your blog, and you will get 389 comments!

5. I have one hilarious preschooler! The evidence is here, here, and here. He's even developing a heart for his Savior.

6. We were blessed with the sweetest of surprises.

7. I could barely pass 8th grade Science...if a D- is really passing. Eek!

8. A vacation with two pregnant sisters, two amazingly patient husbands, and three toddler boys can be a TOTAL blast! Especially when All-You-Can-Eat Crabs is on the menu!

9. When sitting in a hospital room bored and missing your family, just start shopping. It's amazing how much better you'll feel!

10. I am more in love with this man than I ever thought possible.


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome summer!

    Can't wait to read all your links to find out more.

  2. sounds like you had a fantastic summer! I LOVE DREAM DINNERS! they started here in Everett! cool cool cool!

  3. This was great!! I've never heard of the game - will have to look into it.

  4. you learned a lot =]

    i don't think i learned much. i guess i'll go back through previous posts and, who knows, maybe i'll surprise myself.

  5. Sounds like a great summer! Cribbage? You definitely piqued my interest with that one!

  6. My grandpa loved to play cribbage. My dad used to play with him and I know that he would say that was the most meaningful time they spent together in my grandpa's last few years.

    Love your list! You had a great summer, sounds like!!

  7. Very creative! You had a memorable summer!

    thanks for coming over to Cherish...the word! Don't you just love Leigh Ann1

    Hope you found the Bible Study post under the football silliness. We love sports at our house--especially footbal1 and bball--and soccer--and some love swimming--and softball a little bit--and...!

    Hope youcan join us for the bible study. We will just give it a try and see how God blesses us. I have never done anything like this before--Bible study on the blog,I mean. You just can't go wrong with a Beth study. I really believe we can let God help us find a way to share what we are learning on our blogs. I can't wait to see whst happens!

  8. Sarah~ You sure had a wonderful summer! I'm so glad!! :o)