Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This and That

Well, the hurricane has passed (thanks for the encouragement!), and it's sunny outside today. Well, it's trying to be sunny here...it peeks through every so often.

So, we're off to the mall today! Woo hoo! Let's just say this Momma is hungry and food from the food court is on the menu!! :) One problem: we have the lamest food court at our incredibly awesome mall here! I'm not sure how that happened. Awesome mall=Awesome food court, right? Not here! At least there's Starbucks! Whew! Anyway, I think I'll go for the trusty Chinese place. Somehow the free samples and "No MSG" sign always beckon me to get in line!

BUT, what I really want is Chick-fil-A. BOOOO that there is not one in this entire city! So, if any of my friends or family who live near a Chick-fil-A wouldn't mind indulging for me...I'll take a #1 with extra pickles and a sweet tea! Oh, and a brownie! Please send pictures! LOL!!

BTW...what is your favorite place to eat at the mall? Go ahead...tell me how awesome your food court is! :)

Mmm..what else? Oh, my Ravens lost. Ugh! What a horrible game. I even stayed up and watched the whole thing with the hopes they'd pull it out. No such luck! Oh well, on to Sunday!

Ok, enough randomness for today! I hope ya'll are having a good one! Ohhh, here comes the sun! YAY!


  1. Oh...the foodcourt. I have to honestly say that we do have a Chick-fil-A here at our mall. I'm with you on a #1! Glad the hurricane is over & you enjoy some food!

  2. At least the game wasn't a blow-out.
    And, today, the talk of the town is that Heap's catch should have been counted. (No one is mentioning all the turn-overs.)

  3. LOL, had to laugh! We have a dinky mall and no food court. There are 2 places to eat. Each is at the opposite end of the mall from the other. One end is The Great Steak and Potato Company (really good Cheesesteaks) and at the other end you'll find .... CHICK FIL A!! Yeah Baby!

    Have fun today!

  4. hey, sar! at least you get the game out there, thanks to satellite/dish/whatever you have :)

    em and i are trying our hands at fantasy football this season, thanks to wendy's great idea to understand more of our husbands'/boyfriends' worlds :) so, i had Willis McGahee playing...didn't give me that many points unfortunately...it's been fun :)

    love you!!

  5. Enough with that "sun" stuff - it finally stopped raining but it is so cloudy and dreary - but tomorrow and into next week should be LOVELY. I am so excited.

    Ok, food....we have no chick fil a in Lanc :( But, my fav place to go is called Isaac's - they make the best sandwiches and they are all named after birds! Its a PA think I guess!!

    Glad today is a better day!!

  6. i hate to tell you this... not only do we have a chick-fil-a inside our mall, but we have one right outside of it, too. i always thought that was kinda weird.

    we have an excellent food court. i usually have a hard time figuring out what i want. it's betweem chick-fil-a, panda express. paradise bakery, johnny rockets, or subway. are you thoroughly jealous now?

    and i'm glad your hurricane has passed.

  7. I never hit the food court, but then I never hit the mall. My husband and my daugher used to hit the food court all the time when she worked at Surf City Squeeze in High School. Now we head to Don Pablos across from the mall because it's my husband's favorite. I just beg for Cold Stone ice cream next to the mall by our house in Gr*ville. Do you ever shop out this way? I never liked ice cream until I got hooked on Cold Stone...yummy!

  8. Just read your comment on my blog. We go to church two minutes from Rtown Cring. I'm assuming that is where you were today. My daughter works at Kobe Japanese restaurant right across the road. Man, our world is getting smaller :) Leigh Ann can tell you where I live.

  9. Don't miss Chick-fil-A too much...I went to try on bathing suits last night and realized that I should never eat there again! Ooops! Can we say too many #1's?! (with mayo!)


  10. Chik-fil-a is definitely a favorite. I also love the Chinese place. There is one of those in every mall, right?

  11. I am mourning the loss of Orange Julius and Cinnabon from our food court. Who do these people think they are?

    Well, at least they kept Sbarro's and Chick-Fil-A.

  12. Hmmm -- Chick-fil-A is up there for me, too -- along with the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company. HELLO!!! Usually if we eat though, it's either Chick-fil-A or Subway.

    By the way -- did I tell you that I tried your snickerdoodle drink from Starbucks? YUUUUUUUMMMM!!!!

  13. Chick-fil-A is the ONLY place to eat (in the mall or not). I will also take a #1 (I add mayonnaise, buffalo AND polynesian sauce!) I also eat polynesian sauce on my fries (which could totally be the cause of my jeans being way too tight to be considered modest). I will also have a cup of ICE DREAM!!! Tastes just like homemade ----love it ---gotta go I am starving!!!! (well, not really starving, but very very hungry!)

  14. Since being prego, Chick-fil-A has become a MUST at least once every two weeks. How weird, i do extra pickles too. YUM! I have two right by the house so Tom doesn't have to go far to get me my treat :)

    Tom and his dad are going to the Ravens game sunday, we're hoping that if we pray hard enough in church that morning, we'll win!

    Love u-- San

  15. chick-fil-a is always my favorite too with something chinese a close second. but we don't even have a mall :( i definately miss chick-fil-a and malls! on the plus side i do have 2 starbucks within 2 blocks of my apartment!