Monday, October 15, 2007

Come Away With Me

I love the Norah Jones song "Come Away With Me". It's an incredibly beautiful love song. The singer is beckoning her love to come away with her and savor every moment they have together.

This song came out shortly after my husband I got married, and so it has always had special meaning to me. I would often listen to it on my way home from work and anticipate being reunited with my new husband. Coming home to him after working each day and just being with him was what my heart and soul longed for. (And after almost 6 years of marriage...still is!)

I immediately thought of this song as our pastor read the following verse in his sermon this week. Jesus spoke these words to His disciples when they came to find Him after John the Baptist had been murdered.

"Come away with Me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest." Mark 6:31

This verse jumped out at me as if I'd never read it before. Jesus knows that His disciples are grieving, confused, tired, worried, scared...and His comfort to them is to "Come away with Me...."
I have not been able to get this verse out of my head for the last two days. As I've contemplated why I keep recalling it and what God might be trying to teach me, I think I'm learning something.

My life can be so chaotic. I'm up to my ears in sippy cups and toys and laundry and dishes and I worry and fret about things daily. I'm tired, and I'm scared at times of what life will be like with a new baby. A quiet place and rest? Well, at this stage in my motherhood journey, those are two things that are very hard to come by. When I do find those quiet, restful moments, they are often laced with guilt as my eyes pan around my home and see all that I should be doing.

Perhaps this is Jesus' answer: "Come away with Me by [yourself] to a quiet place..."

Jesus, the Lover of my soul, is beckoning me to run to find comfort and peace and rest in His presence. It's as if I hear Him saying, "Just be with Me, Sarah. Stop panning and worrying and just savor being with Me." And just as I dashed home to the arms of my new groom, maybe the comfort and rest that my soul is longing for is found not on my pillow, but in the quiet and restful arms of my Jesus. I think just maybe...that's what He's teaching me.


  1. Sarah,

    This is a beautiful post. I find a new meaning in that verse as well. I am craving rest and simplicity. I don't think God intended for us to run around and be so busy all the time. He designed us to need rest. To need quiet so we can find Him.

    Great job!

  2. Wow. Very thought-provoking. I don't remember when I last just sat in silence so I could hear God talking to me.

    BTW, LOVE Norah Jones and her songs. :-D

  3. You've got it friend. He is the only place to find TRUE rest! But we need reminded often, don't we?

  4. I believe he longs to teach each and everyone of us that. I'm glad you not only listened but shared!!

  5. I love how you wrote it, Sarah. I definitely needed to read that today!

  6. It is hard to find rest. Someone is usually screaming in my ear. But I also love this NJ song (I just saw her last night on 60 minutes). Simplicity too. Hmmm.

  7. Love the song, too :) The the post even more! Your writing is so real and easy for me to relate to. Trust me little mama, you will be will be fine. He, the giver of life, knows your every need :)

  8. I definitely need to "Come away' with Him today - sometimes with all the hustle and noise of life we forget that He is what we need and we are what He loves.

  9. What a great post Sarah. Thank you for reminding me to do the same. It's not easy in our lives of "always something to do" to take a moment to run into the arms of the Savior. A great reminder to me today...thank you.

  10. you don't know how much i needed to hear your words today. you write so beautifully and so down to earth. and your thoughts really touched my heart. thank you so, so much for sharing this and participating in 'more of Him.'

  11. Such a good post, Sarah! How true it is that He is our only rest! Thanks for this well-written reminder!

  12. I'm afraid that too often I just keep going and don't stop for that rest I need with him. My church is having a overnight fast and time of prayer for women in a few weeks and that verse fits well. I'm going to remember it.

  13. Great post! To have rest in the midst of the chaos. The chaos will still be there when we emerge from that rest, but somehow it is easier to bear.

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Oh, I'm learning this right now too. Such a great post Sarah!!

    I was just thinking about this earlier today, but haven't gotten it all into words yet - must find the time to write it down - its a viscious cycle, I tell you!

  15. Oh, Sarah - -this is a GOOD one. As in, curl up with some Starbucks and your Bible afterwards and just ponder it good. (I sound like the yoplait girls, huh?)

    You're so right -- He is calling all of us, and we so NEED to go away with Him.

    Loved it!!!

  16. I really like the way you share what's on your heart. The way you use your words, and have such an uplifting attitude. It's refreshing.

    Loved this post. So good! And SUCH a good reminder. There is rest to be found in this crazy season of motherhood. Amazing.

  17. Revelatory! Love those moments when things "click."
    You've given me something to pause and consider, as well.

  18. I have a hard time finding my quiet place, but if we rely on Jesus the craziest moments will be come quiet and calm, bcz our spirits will be quiet and calm.

    I LOVE those moments, but I sometimes struggle to find them.

    Beautiful post! I wanna hear the song, never heard of it before.

    God bless,