Thursday, October 25, 2007

Halloween Past

It's here...almost! YES, we go all out! We love dressing up our kids for Halloween! I should say "I"...Jason gets into it, but he laughs at all of the searching and bargain hunting I do trying to find the perfect costumes each year! In case you're wondering, no...we don't dress up, but then I see costumes like this and this, and think Jason would make one hot Uncle Sam! :)

And, since we're getting ready to debut the boys costumes for this year, I thought I'd share their costumes from last year!

Jack was a 70's Rock Star! He got so into it and even put on a show at our weekly storytime at Barnes and Noble! This child had just turned 2...can you imagine the fun we have with this boy? :)

Max was a hot dog! He sucked his thumb non-stop back then, so we never got a picture of him without it in his mouth! :) We called him our little "Halloweiner"!

After several days of chocolate-induced hyperactivity, I was putting the costumes away and put Jack's 70's Rock Star wig on Max while he was playing in his exersaucer. Uncontainable laughter ensued...


  1. you are a fun mom!! I love the thumbsucking hotdog! And*flashback* to the 70's!!!

    Cute cute cute:)

  2. oh... too cute. i'm still smiling at that last picture of max. both of your boys are so cute - they'd look good in any costume. looking forward to seeing what they'll be this year.

  3. Oooh you are so lucky to have such cute and scrumptious kids. What fun costumes. :) Looking forward to seeing what is planned for this year. No pressure though!

  4. Oh, you are just too much fun! Love it! I'll have to post me and T's costumes from a fall fun night activity at our church many years ago. You will die laughing! Oh my! I'll have to get them up soon.

  5. Oh man. These make me laugh all over!

    Jack is a pretty convincing Elvis!

    I love your baby hot dog.

  6. AWESOME! Love the Halloweiner. Too fun.

  7. Your joy and love for life are inspiring. It comes across in your posts, and just makes me happy. :)

    LOVE the costumes. Especially Jack. I can't wait to see what he's going to be this year!

  8. Max is too cute in the little Halloweiner costume! It is perfect. Our girls were both pumpkins last year, but this year we found both costumes at a garage sale (can't wait!). And thanks for the info on the apple orchard. We went their last year, and had a lot of fun. It is a great place, so maybe I'll take all the cousins this weekend (if it doesn't rain).

  9. Super cute hot dog! I love your 70's rocker, too!

  10. Those are so funny - I love the halloweiner!

  11. We called him our little "Halloweiner"!

    LOL, you guys are kinda strange in a funny sort of way, hehe.

  12. Too cute-----I love the Halloweiner!! :)
    That Max is making me really consider that name----what a cutie!
    Can't wait to see this year's costumes!!

  13. Oh my word! Those pictures are just adorable!!!

    How exciting that you met a real live blogging friend! Wish I could have been there, too!

    Love the pumpkins. I would say that is a VERY FINE JOB for your first attempt at carving. My husband is also a master carver. He actually did one of his face once and it was amazing!

    Hope all is well with you. Sorry I have been away so long!

  14. OH MY!! I LOVE THE HOT DOG one!! They are ALL cute! So fun!


  15. That is so fun. I LOVE the halloweenie, thumb and all!

    AND... I love your new profile pic! It catches the spirit of "short stop." Too cute.

  16. Cute costumes. Have a wonderful Halloween. Can't wait to see your kids costumes this year.
    We too are looking forward to Halloween tomorrow. The kids have fun trick or treating. We do all kinds of fun things. First head down town for trick or treating...then go to some teachers/friends homes. We also meet friends for supper. Then go to either nursing homes or the college dorms. Plus we are planning on going to a church that has games going on and trunk or treat too.