Friday, October 19, 2007

The Holiday Trap

Multi-Tasking Moms

Are you already anticipating the incredibly delicious food that you'll find around every corner and table this holiday season? I am! But, it can wreak havoc on my figure. Yes, even my pregnant one. If you want some tips on how to avoid "wearing" the results of indulging in your favorite holiday delectables, I posted over at Multi-Tasking Moms today.


  1. Good one, Sneaks. The stuffing idea was great - I always put too much on my plate and then eat it all even when I'm full. But pumpkin pie without whipped cream??? No matter how good the pie, it's like eating cereal without milk - gotta have the whipped cream, and lots of it!! :-) The pumpkin spice latte is another matter...I can skip it on that.

    xo MB

  2. I think the solution to this whole thing is to just go on a cruise the week of Thanksgiving. Then you're not tempted to eat all this holiday food and there's no starbucks on the ship.

  3. So, honey...does this mean you're taking me on a cruise this year?

  4. Heading over to check it out now.