Thursday, November 8, 2007

This and That

Randomness today. So, if you came looking for the profound, you'll have to head over to a different blog.

Packing. Ugh...just the word makes me shudder. The preliminary endeavor of tackling the laundry piles makes me want to crawl under the covers and hide. And again, I feel like this. We're heading to Florida next week for my brother's wedding and a week of sunny family time! We can't wait. BUT, I have to pack first. Boooooo!

I bought 4 new boxes of tissues the other day to combat the runny nose goodwill that the four of us keep passing back and forth. And yet, I still keep grabbing toilet paper and napkins because I haven't opened the package yet. Why is that? (I guess I'm not really asking...just looking for maybe one head nod of disorganized understanding?)

I can't help but smile at the fact that Jack has a terrible time watching Max being disciplined. One minute Max is Jack's biggest menace...the next, Jack is saying, "Mommy, Max is sorry. He won't climb on the train table anymore."

In incredibly wonderful and day hastening news, Jason is taking the boys to the Children's Museum tonight with a friend so that I can have a free night to do, in his words, "whatever I'd like." I'm not sure what to do with myself. The choices. The possibilities. Honestly, I'm overwhelmed at the prospect of squandering an entire evening of childless tranquility. Shop? Sleep? Pack? I am certain wherever I am, I'll be holding a Starbucks cup. YEAH!

SO, what would you do with a free night? Would you stay home? Go out? Where would you go? I'd love to hear how you'd spend the evening!

Alright, enough procrastinating. Onto the laundry piles. Maybe I'll be able to find four, clean, white, little boy socks tonight. Wouldn't that be something!


  1. Funny about Jack protecting oldest would cry when ever the others cried...we called him our sympathy crier!

    Oh by the way before you get to busy...swing over to the caption contest to see the winners! Then relax...

  2. I love a mom's night off! I go crafting (scrapbooking, quilting, that sort of thing) with my friends every Monday and if I get a 2nd night off I generally curl up on the couch with a cup of tea, a warm blanket and a good book or movie and veg. It's nice to not have to be at everyone beck and call for just a couple hours.

    Good luck packing. I remember doing that when DH, Bug and I went to Chicago in 06. I thought it was tough with 2 adults and a 1.5 year old. I can't imagine 2 kids. Have fun on your trip, though.

  3. Oh please don't mention laundry... waaaa... I've affectionately (or not so affectionately) deemed mine, "Mt. Laundry". Okay, not very creative, but the mountain part is at least true.

    On a side note, my family does some mountain climbing, well maybe not real mountain climbing with ropes and such, but a lot of hiking through the mountains. With real mountains you want to get to the top. With Mt. Laundry, I would one day love to get to the bottom... I almost made it about a month ago - (sigh).

    Have a great time away with your family and you did a great job (as always) at Pen of Jen's contest :)

  4. I loved the socks comment... I am so behind on laundry (and I have no kids - what excuse do I have?!) that I was wearing Halloween socks to a meeting last night. That's right... complete with orange spiders.

    I was showing them off to a friend, who responded by pulling up the leg of her pants, saying "NO WAY - I have Halloween socks on, too!"

    At least I'm not alone.

  5. Awww, Sar, you're too funny :) I hope you all have a wonderful time at the wedding!

  6. Oh, I can so relate to what you're saying. The question of what to do with myself with some "free time". Whatever you do - do something that will bring you a smile when think back to that moment.

    I too, would rather do anything else than pack!

  7. Hmm an evening alone in an empty house... Let's see, if I have been keeping up on all the house stuff pretty well then I would use the time for uninterupted sewing, reading, knitting while watching a good movie... If on the other hand I can't find the counters and floors in my house, then I would use that time to deep clean a room and enjoy the fact that it will stay that way for more than an hour.
    Enjoy your time how ever you use it!

  8. It depends......if I have extra money I would go shopping (in your case maybe for a new outfit to wear after the baby is born?) If I dont have alot of extra money, then I would call up a friend and go out to eat at a nice restaraunt. Otherwise, I would stay home and lay around holding the remote control (or a book)in one hand and a starbucks cup in the other. Have a great night!

  9. How about Mom's day out? My babysitter came today and I shopped my little heart out. Granted, diapers, vitamins, and wipes aren't all that exciting; but praise the Lord for Starbucks in Target! I sipped my peppermint mocha and took my time deciding if I wanted these white socks or those. :)

  10. I feel your pain, Sarah. Packing is never easy, but is becomes infinitely times harder when children are involved. My husband is still amazed at how much we need to pack, just for a weekend away!

    A free night? What? Hmmmm...
    I usually end up cleaning or doing stuff around the house when I have free time. I can't really relax when there's mess around me, and I don't have time to take care of that stuff when the kids are around.

    If the house was clean, and I could relax? If I went out, I would probably get coffee with a girlfriend. If I stayed home, then I would either scrapbook or take a long bath with a good book!!


    Enjoy your free night!!!

  11. Shopping...of course...was there any doubt???

    I'd carry a hot chai (since it is cold out now) and I'd go looking for jeans - that is what is on the list now.

  12. A free night? I'd spend it g**gle chatting with my best buds! :-)

    Or, I'd enjoy a nice long bath while reading a good book!

    I don't enjoy packing either! Ugh is right!

  13. My vote is get to any errands done (shopping, etc.) for any remaining items that you need for the trip. You will feel more relaxed this weekend if all of that is in order and it's much easier hopping from place to place without two toddlers. Oh, and make sure you indulge in a treat if you go out. Pumpkin Spice latte....yum!

    And there is hope for your laundry! For the first time since Isaac was born, every item of clothing in our house is clean! I don't think Zak recognized the laundry room when he got home yesterday! heehee :)

  14. Call some of your best girls and have a fun night.

    DO NOT PACK...please.

  15. I'm the same way when a chuck of "free" time is laid out in front of me. I have so many choices of things I'd like to do, I waste half the time trying to make up my mind. I do agree most everything is easier with a Starbucks in hand.

  16. Almost every night is a free night here...sorry, different stages of life.

    I'm happy to have a friend to go for coffee with ;o)

    I hate packing, too. Hate it!

  17. I love that Jack is protecting Max. I remember feeling that way about my sisters and brother. I could be mean to them, but no one else better try it!

  18. Oh, I hope you enjoyed your free night & I too would definitely be holding some Starbucks!

    I like going to a Bookstore or just actually sitting on my couch for a moment. Hope you had fun!

  19. oh, i hear you girl. i'm packing, too, and not enjoying it either. and i don't have my cup of starbucks :(

    i remember those occassional free nights when my kids were young. that wonderful feeling of freedom and endless possiblities. it's almost like you don't want to choose to do anything because you want to do it all - not waste a minute.

    well, whatever you chose to do, i hope you enjoyed it. and i hope you have a wonderful trip.

  20. Night off, really, would consist of frozen yogurt, then a bath, then a pillow and a book. I am so tired all the time that that would be all I could muster!

  21. I hope you are enjoyed your night out. I'm with Janelle...please tell me you did not pack!

    Top of my time with friends, shopping, dinner out.

  22. Hope you enjoyed your night alone! I'm not sure what I would do. It would be a toss up between going shopping and staying home to play online, LOL!

  23. My hubby gave me an early Christmas gift Thursday: A day of shopping -- all by myself. It was wonderful (with the exception of rude shoppers). Check out my blog.

  24. i enjoy the packing...because it all adds to the anticipatory feelings. but the that STINKS!

    a week in florida for a wedding...can't think of anything that sounds nicer!

  25. I love those free moments, but I can never fully enjoy them because no matter what I do, I end up anxious because I think, "I should have done ____ ." To REALLY enjoy free time, you need 2 full days leading up to it. :)
    That's me, the ungrateful extemist!

    I'm packing next week... and again, the next week. I feel your pain, sister. It takes 2 full days to get anywhere, and a trunk full of bags. I've tried streamlining - doesn't work. Not worth the trouble.

    Sometimes in the past I have thought, "no one even has a clue how difficult this is!" I just tried to considered it my personal sacrifice. :) Now that it's a little easier (the girls can pack and unpack themselves), I find that I have a lot more grace for those with babies. "Of course, we'll come to YOU... don't worry about traveling right now." or "you have to hold him every night, I'll hold him, you eat, really... I'm not hungry, anyway." So, I guess I'll be the traveling, crying baby-holder for the rest of my life, evidently! :)

    eyelash flutter and pious expression... "it's what you do for your family, you know." LOL
    (as if it's not TOTALLY worth it!)

  26. I'm late reading this. Hope you enjoyed your free night.
    Things I would do with a free night:
    read, crochet, watch a movie, listen to music, go shopping, go out to eat with a friend, catch up around the house.

    Enjoy your trip to Florida.