Thursday, December 13, 2007

Baby Bean Buzz: 6 More Weeks

Well, the countdown is on. Our little bean is scheduled to make his/her appearance 6 weeks from today. SO, I thought I'd update once a week on just about anything related to this little one...what I'm thinking/feeling, baby news, family thoughts, etc. And yes, I promise to post another belly pic soon.

As for me...

First, I just gotta say that this pregnancy has gone by SO quickly compared to my other ones. I suppose chasing after Jack and Max hasn't given me much time to think, really think, about being pregnant a whole lot. I remember sitting at my desk at work while pregnant with Jack and thinking and dreaming about him all day long. These days, most of my daydreaming revolves around when I'll get to be dreaming in my bed again. Oh, that sweet, precious sleep!

Baby News:

The doctor says that everything looks great. I'm measuring right on schedule, and the baby has a strong heartbeat. He/she is tumbling around all day and night, and has chosen 4am as the ideal time for Tae Bo. So, I crawl under the covers with my laptop until I sense we've arrived at cool down, and then go back to sleep. I'm thinking I might be up at 4am for quite some time, even after the bean arrives. If you see me poking around your blogs or emailing you at that insane hour, then you'll know that the bean is kickboxing!

And the boys?

Jack seems to understand that there is a baby in my belly and that one is coming to our house soon! He wants to snuggle with the baby, and often lays on my belly and pats it gently. Max will come up to me and whack me on the belly and say "baby". I don't think he has any idea why he's doing that, but it's sweet as can be to watch. I wonder if they know just how much their lives are about to change?

Boy or Girl?

Alright, by now you've all had a chance to vote on the pink or blue question on my sidebar. 82% of you think I'm having a girl? Really? Well, if the vast majority of you are right, we will be in for quite the surprise around here. Momma is thinking boy...

Until next week...


  1. Oh, Sar-- What a beautiful gift of life. Can it be only SIX weeks away? It has gone quickly!

  2. The countdown is on ... I remember with Mauryn (#3), it was two days before my planned c section and I thought, I have never been so unprepared for a baby's arrival! I am looking forward to all the updates about the little bean - so great! My neighbors just had their baby this morning so excited to have a little one to love on!

  3. Wow - it's getting close. And with Christmas during that time, time will pass quickly. As for boy or girl - I know he/she will be loved regardless!

  4. Oh, how exciting! I can say with a resounding Amen that my 3rd pregnancy went so much quicker & now here I am with a 6mo. old already! I can't wait to hear what you have!

  5. i'm really wanting you to have a girl, but i'm thinking it's a boy, too.

    i bet it's real cute having jack snuggle up to your belly. he and max will be good big brothers.

  6. So neat to hear an update, and wow didn't know you were so close to the due date! I'm sure you are very pumped.

  7. 6 more weeks, that's crazy; it did go by fast. I'm so excited for you; glad everything's going well...can't wait to see you guys soon!

  8. Such exciting times! I look forward to hearing more!!

  9. My 3rd and 4th pregnancies flew by too. And I really felt good. I can't wait for this new little bean!

  10. You can do it! Only a few weeks to go! I had a fairly easy pregnancy, but I remember during the last two weeks, I was done sharing the space inside of me and needed a cheering section. Go team Short!

  11. Now look who's up at 4 AM (Anna got sick overnight - not sure what's going on there). We are so excited to meet him/her. I know you want a boy and he would fit right in with Max and Jack, but I'm hoping for a girl for you - A) so Lily has at least 1 girl playmate and 2) so that you get a little break! :)

  12. Oh Sarah, how much fun! I always loved the last few weeks and counting down until I got to hold my little darlings in my arms and kiss their chubby little cheeks and sweet little foreheads.....oh babies! God's precious gift to mommies :)

    Funny that your time is 4 least it's not the MIDDLE of the night :) My babies always seemed to get fidgety between 2 and 3 am. I have such a hard time getting to sleep when I'm pregnant that I would quite often just get up out of bed and start my day when/if they woke me up at that time, and then go back to bed around 5 and sleep until the other kids would get up around 7-8.

    Praying for the remaining 6 weeks of your pregnancy!


  13. Such a great update! Your words are giving me the encouragement to keep going in the midst of morning sickness. I can't wait to see the picture of our little poppy.

    6 weeks will FLY!!

    I think Mommy's intuition is usually right! Except when it's not.

  14. Sure is getting close! How exciting. Can't wait to hear the news!!!!

  15. These last weeks are so precious! Enjoy your boys and your sleep! We can't wait to hear each week how things are doing!