Thursday, January 10, 2008

Baby Bean Buzz: 2 More Weeks

I suppose it's safe to say I'm ready. Or, we're ready. Due to the fact that our little bean is attempting to elbow, kick, and punch his/her way out of my belly, I'm convinced we both share that sentiment. Am I prepared? No. But, I have a heart full of love for this child, and God has shown me that's all I really need.

The days and nights are looooong. I'm just not sleeping very well, and chasing around Jack and Max is getting harder each day. The long days and nights won't change once our baby is here; I have learned that from bringing two other newborns home. So, I'm working on finding contentment even in this trying stage of little sleep and discomfort. Yes, it's work...because it's easy to complain. BUT, try being content and complaining at the same's not really possible.

On a lighter, and seriously cute note, Jack picked out these little outfits yesterday while we were at the mall (with a bit of help from Mommy, of course!). According to Jack, the blue outfit is for "a baby Max", and the pink one is for "a tiny baby".

I wonder...


  1. Those outfits are so cute. I remember those last few weeks of waiting, being so excited, but nervous at the same time. I can't wait to hear the news and I hope the little Bean isn't too content in there!

  2. So cute, Sarah! That feeling your describing is so fresh for me. Content but uncomfortable? It's so easy to be pulled back and forth. I can say, with my most recent pregnancy, I slept really well leading up to the delivery, since hospital beds are so adjustable. That was one positive aspect to my situation! I am so excited to find out which of those adorable outfits will be worn home!

  3. What if you were having twins and you could use both outfits!?!?!

    I'm so glad I'm in a state far away...'cause I know you're going to want to throw something at me for that!! heehee

    I can't wait to find out if it will be a "baby max" or a "tiny baby."

  4. a baby max... i love it! does it feel like time is going slowly now? were you on time with the boys? early or late? and will your husband post for you - for us - letting us know right away? or is there a personal friend who blogs who can give us the announcement? or how quickly after you give birth can you blog?

    okay... too many questions. sorry. just a little excited.

    i'll wait until you have little bean and bond with him/her, leave the hospital, come home and show off the wee little one, and t.h.e.n. let your blogging friends know that little bean has arrived. i'll just wait :D

  5. how cute are those little outfits! i am praying for some rest and contentment for you. can't wait to know what the little bean is....

  6. Aww...I'm sure you had fun picking out those little outfits. Of course it's gotta make waiting these couple weeks that much harder (or maybe that's the lack of sleep?). Anyway, I pray you have a few more days where God grants you rest and peace before the new arrival.

  7. Oh, I can't wait for you to have this little Bean.

    What I find hard to believe is how SLOW time moves when you are pregnant and how FAST time moves when they are here. I want that to be opposite.

    Great outfits! Can't wait to see the baby that will fill it.

  8. It's a girl---
    No, it's a boy!
    It doesn't matter either way since a baby is a blessing from God!
    Can't wait to see pictures!! I'm already rejoicing with you.

  9. How precious!!

    I'm praying for you...for peace, and joy, and perserverance.

    Can't wait too meet your new little bean!

  10. I still can't believe you had the patience *not* to find out. Because, you know, we're DYING over here (OK, maybe not Dave so much, but I am)! :)

  11. Awww, they're so cute...Jack has good taste :) I'm so excited to be able to hold that tiny, little baby...
    God works all things for good...even your lack of sleep...but, I do hope that you can get some much-needed rest. Love you!!