Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happiness Is...

...Cars. And the little boy faces that watch it...over...and over...and over. slippers.

...a really good night's sleep.

...FINALLY beating my hubby in Cribbage! ;)

...a bedtime chocolate chip milkshake (hey, maybe that's why I slept so well!)

...all of those thoughtful comments on my last post. Thanks so much, friends!

...Starbucks gift cards from Christmas. (Can you say Venti?) last doctor's appointment before our little bean arrives!

...playing our piano with my boys.

...a day at the "Toy Museum" with good friends!

So, what's making you happy today? How 'bout posting on your blog, or share in a comment! :)


  1. Hi, Sar- I want to hear Jack's brew stories. :)

    What a great list of happy things! I'm going to keep this. :)

  2. I'm happy that my headache is gone this morning, and that my children are home with me on this cold, wintry day. I have a big roast to cook for supper, and all the world will seem right as we sit down to a big family meal.

  3. Happiness is...

    A day at home to get caught up!

    A little boy eating up "cimmanon" rolls at my kitchen table.

    A day with no dinner to plan because we're eating at church!

  4. YEAH for a good night sleep - you need it! I hope you feel refreshed today.

    YUM - a chocolate chip malt :o)

    We love to play cribbage it is always fun to be the husband! Have you played cross crib? So much fun - a little twist on the traditional game of cribbage.

    I will try to do a happiness post today!

  5. my theory is that you can make others happy just by listing what makes you happy. your list did that for me :D

    we heard something a couple of days ago that is making me happy but will have to wait until tonight to see if it really happens. if it does, maybe i'll write about it on my post for tomorrow.

    have a happy day!

  6. I'm happy it's my day off and my family is healing well.

  7. ... seeing that sparkle back in my daughter's eye after an illness
    ... soft new p.j.'s
    ... a crackling fire on a very cold day, with the children home all around me and nowhere to go
    ... a tea party to look forward to tomorrow
    ... a nap to look forward to later today
    ... and central heat!

  8. Wow - I made the happiness list! :) I'll have to do one of these, maybe tomorrow since I just posted for today. So glad to hear you got some sleep!

  9. happiness is "quiet time" all my 4 kiddies are having their room time right now and i am sipping Hot cocoa at the computer..ahhh....(oh no, is that someone calling my name....moment over:-))

  10. I agree with Diana - reading the list of what made you happy has made me happier!

    Happiness is...
    ~a new bottle of pep*si
    ~nearing the end and ready to finish off my first braided rug
    ~knowing my hubby will be home tonight and doesn't have any meetings!

  11. hey Sarah, Cars makes everyone happy here too! Johnathan thinks Mater is the funniest guy in the world and Audrey thinks Sally's pretty; we have a Mater and a Sally toy and they play "Cars"; it is cute to see them and funny when Johnathan does the Mater voice...makes me laugh every time.
    ...I'm happy everyone's well right now here too

  12. What a fun list!
    For me:
    -getting a phone call from my son last night, telling me things are going well.

    -Having a day at work where I feel that I actually accomplished something.

    -having a meal all made in the freezer for tonight's supper

    -going on the computer and seeing posts from some of my favorite blogs, like yours!

  13. Actually, one happy time for me is being encouraged by other mommies blogs. It makes me feel connected to other moms and reminds me that I'm not alone. (by the way, I love reading your blog and I check every day. Especially now b/c I can't wait to see what kind of "bean" you're having :)

  14. Happiness today means:
    --children not squabbling
    --dinner in oven
    --family home tonight
    --not feeling sick!!
    --Nestle Crunch Ice Cream Bar
    --no homework for my son!
    --husband coming home in 20 minutes and house is (relatively) clean

  15. If you make that a mint chocolate chip milkshake then I'll come join you!