Thursday, January 17, 2008

Love At First Drive

I used to be a minivan snob.

I have always driven an SUV...well, at least since I graduated from college. I figured that if I had to be one of the smallest on the road of life, that I wasn't going to be one of the smallest on the road.

My thinking on minivans: They crowd every church parking lot in America, and hold swarms of unruly children and their "over zealously" pro-creating parents. They symbolize a giving in to getting older, trading in fun for practicality, and a relinquishing of any and all "hipness".

But, our little bean was joining our family, and we needed a third row seat. The dreaded "m" word was now making frequent stops into our conversations.

So, from time to time, I would reluctantly glance over at the minivan driving next to me, take a quick glimpse, and immediately remind myself that we had until January before we needed to buy a new car. And, I happily gas guzzled my way down the road in our behemoth sized SUV (that lacked the third row seat I was wishing we'd opted for).

One month ago, we walked into the Honda dealership, and I test drove their minivan. It was love at first drive.

There are doors on both sides? The kids can climb in...without my help? I can open and close the doors, and the tailgate...with a remote? And, why is my backside getting toasty? Is there actually heat coming from this easily-wipe-up-the-spilled-juice-and-I-won't-stain leather seat?

Could this be? Was all of this really hiding behind my preconceived notions about church parking lots and the "hipness" factor?

Two days later, we owned a minivan. We drove it back East for Christmas, and it is just as glorious as I had first imagined that day at the dealership. Life in the car has never been easier.

As we pulled out of the drive-thru at Starbucks yesterday, Jack shouted, "Go, Lightning McQueen, go!"

Whew...I'm still least my 3-year old thinks so! :)


  1. Heated seats must be one of the best accessories for a cold Michigan gal. I love them!

  2. Awww, of course you're still hip, Sar!! You'll always be young at heart :) Love you!

    P.S. way to go, cribbage queen :) can't wait to play again w/ you guys...

  3. Ahahahahahahahahaha!!!

    I knew you'd buckle one day! The ol' SUV can't compare to push-button convenience, can it?

    Oh, well...welcome to the club. I used to vilify minivan owners, too. *sigh* Then we bought our Sienna.

  4. The automatic double doors. Glorious!

  5. LOL! Hilarious...

    I am hoping to join the "cult" - oops! no - I meant the mini-van club in the future. For now we are content with our four door car, with no payments :). The car is holding out - with some repair jobs being done already. It helps when we have only two kiddos. But if we had a third, definitely we would need to have something else. Makes for creative packing on road trips. :) Congratulations on the Mini-Van!

  6. I LOVE my minivan! I've owned one since I had one child, and there's never been a better car for me. Being the same height as you, I feel like I can see well, and tote whatever I need to! These days that's four kids, but anyway....

  7. Everyone I know who has the Honda minivan loves it! All those neat gadgets - remote control doors and lift gate, heated seats - what luxury. If you have all those fun things you are still hip! We still drive a gas guzzling SUV!

  8. so funny.

    oh, for heated seats. i think that will be non-negotiable for our next vehicle. we havent decided about SUV/minivan - we'll see!

    btw we also love cribbage.

  9. It happens to the best of us. When you have kids you can't beat it. Especially the automatic them!

  10. Oh, I LOVE my mini-van! I know that every person that has children, especially small ones would love how easy they are with little ones! I'm glad you're enjoying it so much. And don't worry...we are getting older, but I think you're still cool!! :-)

  11. HAHAHA - cute post! But no pictures? ;-)

    I'm still loving my yukon - and I know I will love it more as we drive up to Vermont shortly.

    You will love the van with the car seat - I loved being able to hit that button and opened...and closed and we were off!

  12. We had a small memorial service when we traded in the 4-Runner, but I couldn't agree more. I'm not sure I've ever felt hip in my lifetime, but at this point I don't care anymore. Heated seats and auto doors are worth potential harried, soccer-mom comparisons!

  13. oh, how i know your original feelings about the minivan. i felt them, too. and then i had to own one out of necessity - and i never liked it. but minivans have come a long way in the last 5-10 years. like you said, they are darn pretty sweet now. glad you're enjoying yours.

    when you get a chance, head over to my place. i have something for you.

  14. I've driven a minivan for 10 years and have really liked it (although i don't have heated seats!) However - the next vehicle will probably be a car. I hardly ever have kids in it anymore!

  15. I enjoyed the post! Was it a Honda Odyssey you bought? Those are really great vans!

    I drive a 9 passenger van and we are thinking of upgrading to a 12 passenger. We lost the hipness a LONG time ago......

    :)Still eagerly waiting the Little Bean's arrival!

  16. Once you cave to the mini-van, you will have a constant love-hate relationship with it. I can't imagine life and all the road trips we make in anything BUT our van.

  17. Isn't it great how God changes your perspective just when it is needed. What a great reason to need more space though! BTW, I hope your bloggy following is towards the top of the list to get an announcement when baby bean makes his/her appearance. I can't wait!

  18. I own a honda van, too, and I say it's my "dream car." LOVE. IT.

    A friend of mine once told me her story about buying the van, and it sounded a lot like yours, and many other thirty-somethings... and when someone teased her husband about it, he said, "Hey, I'm a mini-drivin' fool!" He had fallen in love with it, too!

    They DO drive well, don't they?

    "Go Lightnin'!"

  19. haha jack =) Thats too funny!
    Your kids will think you're the greatest thing ever, no matter what you drive! Well...until they turn about 12 or 13, haha. =)
    love you!! cant wait to see you soon!! yay!!