Saturday, January 19, 2008


1. Somehow, Jack and Max slept until 8am this morning. This is monumental, and had to be noted!

2. Today's weather: Cloudy, snow showers, colder...High: 13 °F Low: 4 °F. Baby, it's cold outside.

3. I'm getting my hair cut today. Nothing drastic...just a much needed trim before baby comes. Usually, I'd be SO excited to get pampered, but I'm just not in the mood. Again, monumental.

4. We saw this hilarious onesie at Target this morning. It said, "I wasn't born yesterday...or was I?" LOL! I couldn't stop laughing.

5. And, speaking of Target, our trusty grocery store was out of my favorite Hazelnut creamer when we went earlier this week. It was on sale at Target today. Don't you just love it when stuff like that happens?


  1. It is cold! I'm about to head out to the store and am not looking forward to it.
    I love Target!

  2. It's cold here too, and getting colder.

    Sounds like Someone knew that Mommy needed some rest!

  3. Yeah for little boys sleeping in this morning - what a blessing!

    It isn't quite that cold here. Lance and I laugh when the weather forecast says it is just freezing with a high of 32 and sunshine. They just don't know what cold is truly like here.

    I heart Target! Love when you can find the deals there.

    Happy Saturday!

  4. How awesome that the boys slept in!!!

    What? No mention of seeing a cute purse at Target? ;-)

    Enjoy your "last supper"!!!

  5. That is a funny onesie!

    Glad to hear the kids slept late. Let's hope they keep that up for you.

  6. You're not kidding that it's cold outside. We headed out to a movie and thought about stopping for something to eat, but it was just too cold to get out of the car again.

  7. I love the creativity of your blogs! That was fun to read. I spend far too much money at Target & it's super cold here too!

  8. it's been cold here, too. i'm already looking forward to spring :]

    so do you feel better after your hair cut? that's usually when i feel better. hope so for you, too.