Tuesday, February 26, 2008



I will cut green Play-Doh "spaghetti" with plastic scissors until it becomes "rice". And make circles and squares and hexagons and little orange people.

I will play Perfection and giggle when the shapes pop-up.

I will read the same story over and over and over.

I will travel around a train table at least 200 times with Thomas and Henry and James and Percy and Neville and Molly.

I will take a ride on Route 66 with Lightning McQueen and Sally. And dance around the kitchen to "Life is a Highway".

I will kiss boo-boos and rub bonked heads.

I will go to bed very, very tired. And smile when my head hits the pillow.

All because I have been blessed with the amazing privilege of being "Mommy" to these two little boys...


  1. Ugh - you're making me miss home even more! Hope the day is full of all of those blessings and more!

  2. sounds like a fun day - can we come over to play?

    enjoy your day with the boys- they are blessed to have such a wonderful mommy :o)

  3. Wow... you are a trooper, Sarah.

    And they are special kiddos, you're right.

    Give them a hug from us!

  4. Sounds like a perfect day!!! Hoping for no "red fingers" in your day! HA

  5. Wow, sounds like a really busy day! Those boys have a pretty wonderful mama.

  6. I can't play perfection, or open Pillsbury biscuits either!

    You are a great mom. And what cute boys too.

  7. I love that you genuinely enjoy your little men! And why wouldn't you? They are adorable!

  8. And you will have precious memories. :o)

  9. What a sweet mommy spirit you have. You inspire me...you're always so positive.

    Sounds like a perfect mommy day!

  10. I miss those cute faces! and that Max-belly, too :) lol

  11. yes, you are blessed. and i was tired just reading everything that you're doing :]

  12. What are you on and how can I get some?

    You have more energy than I can imagine. I just feel too tired to play these days. I am proud of you!!

  13. Perfection always scared me to death! I haven't the nerves for it. :)

    Enjoy the extraordinary in the ordinary. And sleep soundly.

  14. how sweet it is...nothing better!!!

    Your boys are adorable!

  15. Gotta love the blessings of being a momma!

    Just finally getting a moment to catch up.

    (You people with the shortened RSS feeds are killing me...what is the deal with you and LA now? ;) )

    Hoping you are having a great weekend. You little men are just so adorable!