Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Little Leaf

I made friends with a leaf today.

It's snowing. It's not the pretty kind of snow that peacefully falls to the ground and conjures up images of Christmas morning and snowmen and sleigh rides.

This snow is coming down sideways. It is so determined to wreak havoc that it's defying the laws of gravity and falling perpendicular to the ground. It's wet, heavy, and relentless.

As I gazed out the window while eating my breakfast (ahhh...no burnt toast today!), my eyes were drawn to a small leaf at the end of a large branch on the enormous tree in our backyard.

As the snow came whipping down in all of its cold perpendicular-ness, this little leaf clung to the branch and stubbornly refused to let go. I couldn't help but smile as this leaf bore the freezing fury of today's snowstorm, and steadfastly held on to the tree that stood there like a rock...unmoved by the fierce snow and wind.

As I pondered this scenario, I realized that life inevitably brings these same kinds of storms...the bitterly cold ones. These storms whip across our hopes and drench our dreams with wet, stinging disappointment.

When the storms rage, I can let go and allow sorrow and defeat to define me.

Or, like this little leaf, I can hold on. I can cling to the One who not only serves as my Rock and Shield, but Who commands these very storms to cease. In His time. At His will.

Yes, I want to be just like this little leaf.

"He got up and rebuked the wind and the raging waters; the storm subsided, and all was calm." Luke 8:25


  1. I love it when God speaks to our hearts with messages and lessons like that. A true God Moment in my book. Thanks for sharing yours with us!!!!! I'm determined to be like that little leaf, too!!!

  2. That is such an awesome post! I love your perspectives and that you blog what you see and learn!

    I wanna be like that leaf too!

  3. Amen, sister. You are definitely that leaf. Definitely.

    Now eat your breakfast before it gets cold. :)


  4. Glad God spoke to you today. It is such a joy to read your insightful thoughts. It's good to be reminded that God is our shield and fortress, and that we will end the storm in His time (hopefully the winter storm will end soon though!)

  5. Beautiful thoughts.

    BTW ... my breakfasts consist of coffee. That's all I have time for.

  6. I love how God uses the ordinary to make a huge impact on us. Who would have thought that a leaf could remind you of your victory in Christ?

  7. I want to be that little leaf, too. Thankfully we can be through Christ!

  8. What a wonderful perspective. Thanks for sharing your heart today, friend. :)

  9. Great illustration to start out my day.

    I have to tell you something very sad...I sent a package off to you the day Lincoln was born. I was so excited for you to get something fun from this side of the globe to celebrate your new little miracle. Yesterday, I got the package back! :( The poor thing traveled all the way to Michigan and back again. I must have your old address in my address book. WHAAAHHHH!

  10. Oh wise and precious one, I needed this big time today!


  11. what a wonderful and encouraging post. i can just picture that little leaf - defying everything that nature threw at it since last fall.

    or maybe it was the tree that wasn't letting go of the leaf.

  12. Have you considered that book yet? I have been blessed through you. Thank You, Lord.

  13. WONDERFUL post, Sarah. Isn't it amazing how God reveals Himself to us in something as simple as a leaf?

    I thank Him that you were available to see what He wanted to show you. And that you shared it with us.

    Great thoughts...