Thursday, February 21, 2008

One. More. Decision.

I make a lot of decisions. Every. Single. Day.

By the end of the day, I sometimes often happily hand over the remote to my husband...simply because I just don't want to make one. more. decision.

When I was in the workforce, I'd make decisions that would shape the financial wellbeing of our clients. I made them confidently, and usually...very quickly.

But, Mommy decisions...they're a whole different beast.

Strawberry or grape?
Milk or juice?
Cars or Jungle Book?
Go out or stay in?
Let them eat cake? Make them eat carrots?

The "right" choice can create harmony for all. The other can induce the worst headache known to man. At least 10 times once a day, I make the "wrong" choice. Or more aptly put, I make what one or both of my I-hereby-reserve-the-right-to-protest-any-and-everything kids thinks is the wrong choice.

"But, I want grape. Strawberry's yucky."
"No, no, no Mommy...I want chocolate milk."
"I don't like Cars. [Wail, throw oneself on floor, thrash around.] I want Jungle Book."

I know, I know. My house is the only one where this kinda thing happens, right?

So yesterday, in a moment of pure motherly insanity and after 8 hours of Mommy decision making, I sat on the edge of my bed for 20 minutes wrestling with a decision of my own.

Nap or Shower?

Oh, the torment. The agony of choosing.

Snooze or hose down? Snooze or hose down? Can't you just see the scale in my Mommi"fried" brain tipping back and forth? I just didn't want to make one. more. decision.

So there I sat. Stinky and exhausted. But alas, I averted one decision yesterday. And my stinky, tired self kinda liked just. not. choosing.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to decide if we should go to the mall or not.

And, I need a cup of tea. Or do I want hot chocolate?


  1. Oh I can completely relate! I'm about to go make one of the single most important decisions of the day - what to make for lunch. This can make or break Anna's mood for the rest of the day. I'm not kidding. Any other suggestion beyond mac and cheese is simply unacceptable in her mind.

    Let the waterworks begin. We're having ravioli.

    Hope you're enjoying your visit!

  2. Even when they are grown you continue to make decisions that impact them each day.

    Somedays I contemplate, "Open eyes...leave them closed until tomorrow."

    Thankfully on most days I have my eyes wide open :o)

  3. Very cute SS!!

    Butterscotch krimpets or peanut butter tandycakes

    Plain chips or old bay seasoned


  4. Oh, Sarah- I'm sorry. I know you're frustrated.

    I wish I could stop by for a couple hours to help with the kiddos so you could rest.

    I send my love and prayers!

  5. i remember those days. sheer exhaustion (so i would have picked the nap :]). then you start letting the kids make their own decisions thinking you'll be relieved of some of that duty. it works if you can live with their decisions. that's hard, too.

    hang in there.

  6. Perfectly put! It never ends! I love your description of the kids - sounds like my Jack. It's so weird - the girls did whatever and didn't really question. Jack, he questions EVERYTHING and it's absolutely wearying!!! Some days are just contrary days, he just gets contrary and ornery. I feel your pain, girl.

    That's why I hate grocery shopping, too, by the way. Talk about too many choices, usually at the end of the day... decision overload! She's gonna blow! :)

  7. Hmmm...

    take a nap in the shower

    Then have some lovely hot tea followed by hot chocolate :)

    I hate decisions....I can so relate.

  8. I still have days like that, and I don't even have 3 kids, or a tiny one in my house. Here's hoping that you have a great day today, and that the kids comply to your every word (right). Have a good day anyway.

  9. It never stops, does it? I feel the same way....

  10. i know that feeling my friend - it is a never ending process - so true the "right" decision can bring harmony and the "wrong" well let's just say it isn't pretty!

  11. So I'm reading these posts backwards...starting with your most recent.

    I just asked you how you managed to find time to blog.

    Now I'm thinking that I need to view this as more of a 'release' for me. These mom days are so emotional and taxing's good to have a place to 'get away' for a few minutes. I think I've been viewing it as something I 'need' to do, instead of the privilege that it is.

    Sorry to ramble...just letting you know that I can totally relate!