Wednesday, March 5, 2008

And There We Went...

How did my first outing with all three go, you ask?

Speaking from the die hard optimism that I seem to have been born with, it was great. And, our trip back to church for Bible Study this morning? It was equally superb.

But, not because everything went as smoothly as the icing on the chocolate cake that I just ate half of (and I wonder why the scale ain't movin'), but because these trips provide the moments of laughable insanity that make mothering a brood of babes so worth the hair raising challenge.

Case(s) in point:

Max is hating his carseat. I am hating his carseat. Every time I try to put this chunky monkey into his seat and get him buckled in, he yells "Noooooo" and resistantly slides his toosh forward making it nearly impossible to snap the buckle that is situated between his legs. I am thoroughly convinced that I am permanently damaging this child's manhood every time we go through this routine.

Our craft at MOPS: little styrofoam egg topiaries. I painted my egg yellow with pink and blue polka dots. Awww, how sweet, right? It was, until the topiary tipped over as I struggled to get Max buckled into the stroller and one of the wet, pink polka dots landed on Lincoln's forehead. Pink. Not blue. Bright Easter egg pink. So I smudged and wiped and smeared it all over his sleeping head.

"Oh, hi Sarah. Is this your new little...wait, didn't you have a boy?"

As we walked out of church, I saw our beautiful new minivan waiting there for me across the parking lot. With the side door open. Yes, folks...I left the door open all morning. In 23 degree weather. Another mother gave me the "So, you're the one" look, followed by an understanding smile, and then pretended not to notice our motley crew as we loaded up and drove away.

And yes, we were late because I forgot my Bible and study book. Yes, I came back to get them as to not walk in with "my dog ate my homework" banter on my first day back. Yes, we almost ran out of gas. Yes, I stopped at Starbucks out of desperation for a caffeine high adding to our lateness.

And, polka-dotted Lincoln included, I just love this crazy life.


  1. Awww...been there...especially the parts about the car seat struggles and side door opening. I had to LOL at the comment about his "manhood!" You're hilarious! Oh, and the doors opening...I'm convinced there's a mouse in my pocket who keeps hitting the buttons at random times! Good for you for getting out and about! It gets easier!

  2. Please keep the pink paint off my boy - and be gentle getting Max into that seat. Thanks.

  3. LOL! LOL! And still laughing. Not only at your post, but at Jason's comment.

    Come on, Jay, a little pink never hurt anyone...

    So glad you can laugh about it - you have a wonderful gift at being able to laugh at life's little "traumas," and to keep things in perspective.

    I would say it gets better, and it does, sort of (not that I'm too far removed experientially). You just trade one set of challenges for another. But you and I both know at the end of the day it's *SO* worth it. Looking forward to getting the brood together on Friday. Rivertown won't know what hit it! :)

  4. I'm laughing with you! I remember getting 3 little ones out the door and it's a chore. Car seats have never been easy - poor Max. I would have loved to see a picture of pink dotted Lincoln!

  5. First - I'm cracking up at your avatar and its comment!

    Second, it sounds perfect - just as I would have expected. If everything would have went well, I would have been mad!! JK ;-)

    Each time out will get easier - and you'll get into more of a routine!

    Kudos to you for the gumption to get up and try and not just stay home! :)

    LOL at Jason's comment too!

  6. OH, I'm so sorry.. is it okay that I laughed my butt off through your whole post? That was so stinkin' hilarious. It should be in a movie. You left your car door open?

    Girl- You're doing a GREAT job raising those polka dotted boys! Keep it up!


  7. You have such a great attitude.

    You stop for all the Starbucks you need, girl, you are ENTITLED ;-)

  8. I loved the "Here we go..." post, and this one was equally entertaining. So glad you are getting out and about...even with a snafu or two in the process.

  9. Awwww sweetie, this is a keeper for those memories later in life. Lincoln will be his own man regardless of a little pink paint...he's manly, he can handle it just like his daddy (Jason, did you read this?)

    As for Max, he too will survive as he grows and learn of how deep his momma's love is for him and how she loved him more than the world!

    You are the best girl! You really are!

    (Trust me, it's much tougher to deal with when you close the van door and have your daughter's little finger stuck in it :(

    By the way, Alicia is excited about the book and hoping to grab it from me and read it, too.

  10. there have been 3 - yes, count them, 3 - times where i have pulled into a parking place and there's been a van next to me or near me with it's side door wide open. i always go in and let the store know about it. two of the times, i went back to make sure someone came out and no one else decided to take a peek in and help themselves. both times a mom came out with a couple of young kids in tow.

    your whole morning made me smile. not a mocking smile, but one imagining the four of you working your way through the morning. yep, you did fine =)

  11. LOL!! So funny Sarah! You have such a great attitude and you tell a great story!

    It will get a bit easier but there are always struggles - like today when Landon locked the keys in the car with all my Costco groceries :o) Thankfully I actually knew where my second set of keys were or it wouldn't have been pretty.

    Fighting the kid into the car seat - been there. This too shall pass.....

    Thanks for making things light friend and giving me a laugh today!

  12. Where are the photos of your polka-dotted boy? ;-D

  13. I am so proud of you for laughing about your day. I might have hidden under my blankie and refused to come out!

  14. Wish a photographer was along taking pictures to show us. Especially of the pink pokadots!!!

    I have to tell a funny story. I had a friend who had 2 small children and was VERY PG with the 3rd. It was Christmas and she was in the mall with many packages and the 2 toddlers trying to get on the escalator. A kind gentleman helped her get down the escalator with packages and kids. When they got to the bottom he turned to her and said, "Now go home and stay where you should!" Now you have to remember this was the early 60's but that was THE ATTITUDE!!!! We've come a long way baby!

  15. But, yes, you made it! We have been having horrible bath times here. THe past two were disasters, even with Julia's help on one. Today, almost had both girls washed and still smiling, when Sierra screamed! There was poo-poo in the tub! She was petrified, which in turn, petrified Kathryn. I think from now on we'll stay dirty until Daddy gets home.

  16. funny story! it's hard remembering everything with just one little guy in tow - i can't imagine three! and while i have never left the car door open, i have, on more than one occasion left the front door of the house unlocked.

  17. some days you just have to laugh at all of these things. it's good that you can. I wouldn't trade any of it either.