Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cold Tangerines: Wanna Meet Shauna Niequist?

Well, guess what?

She's coming to Short Stop!

And she's agreed to do a Q & A with me here on Friday, April 4th! Can you stand it? I'm so excited I can hardly type!

So, for those of you reading Cold Tangerines and participating in the Book Challenge, I'm throwing this out there to you. Do you have a question you'd like to ask Shauna? Did something strike you about the book and you'd like to know more?

Really. Anything. Just ask!

If you have a question for Shauna, email it to me at grshortstop@gmail.com by this Friday. March 28th. I'll review all the questions and, who knows? Your question might be part of the Q & A!

Happy Reading!


  1. Holy cow - I didn't hear THAT side of the story! How fun! I'm excited to read all about it.

  2. Yeah! So excited! I actually ordered a copy from Amazon the other day when I was ordering Dream Dinners. After hearing so much about it I couldn't resist! Glad to hear you all made it back in one piece - looking forward to catching up!


  3. That's exciting. I'm still reading the book so will have to think about questions.

  4. You amaze me Sarah - you pull off 30 free copies of the book and now a Q&A with the author! AWESOME!! I am almost done with the book - I am LOVING it! Thank you again for the opportunity to read this book and now learn more about the author.

  5. You're kidding. You're kidding.

    How in the world do you lead such an interesting life, Sarah?

  6. Trying to plug alond in the book, but with all the unexpected stuff happening here I way behind. I know I won't have time to finish the book by the deadline, but I'll keep reading.

    Maybe I shouldn't read your Q&A until I'm finished.

  7. Hey Sar, I kept meaning to e-mail you but haven't had a chance - I never got the book. I'm sad that I won't be able to participate in the Q&A and challenge. :( Maybe I'll get a copy anyway and read it for fun. Especially if you say that the book is "you." :)

  8. Oh wow, that is exciting! As I was reading this book, I had many questions. What a neat thing to actually ask the author. By the way,I was so thrilled to receive this beautiful book. There has already been tears and laughing. Of course you knew that was coming. :)

  9. how exciting. i haven't started the book yet since i'm in the middle of something else, but i'll take a look at it ahead of time.

  10. I have an e-mail started with questions that I will add to as I finish up the book. What a great idea!