Thursday, March 20, 2008

Old McShort Stop Had A Farm...

"...with a barf-barf here and a barf-barf there."


This traveling farm-on-the-road has been hit with a nasty case of the stomach virus. And, not just the coop, and not just the sty...but the WHOLE farm. Including the newest, sweetest little piggy.

The Farmer? I'm the lone holdout. Not sick at all.

So, I've pulled myself up by my overall straps and I'm riding around on my tractor handing out towels and blankets and wet washcloths and smooches and sippy cups containing mere tablespoons of ginger ale.

And, I'm loving on my sick little barnyard.

'Cause that's what Mommy farmers do.


  1. Oh, Sarah! That's terrible. You have such a strong spirit, my dear! How in the world do you manage to stay so strong?

  2. Ohhhh- not the baby!!!
    It's just horrible to see the little ones sick.
    You stay well!!!!!!

  3. Oh no Sarah! I am so sorry to hear you have sick ones, especially baby Lincoln. I pray you stay healthy and this passes quickly.

  4. Love the word pictures you used to describe your predicament! Hope they all get to feeling better soon - and you stay healthy!

  5. So I guess you really needed that joke I sent you! So sorry to hear that the boys are sick. We'll pray for a fast recovery!!!

    If you can, get someone to go get you some oscillococcinum (pron: ah-sil-li-co-sin-um) from the pharmacy. When we had the flu here in Dec, Dave's whole family took it and no one else got sick besides those of us who had already caught it. It's worth a shot if it will keep you healthy!

  6. Oh stink! I'm so sorry they're not feeling well. May the Lord touch them with His healing power & keep you healthy!

  7. i'm so sorry to hear about all the sickness. but glad to hear you're well - so far. hope it stays that way. and hope all the sick little piggies get well quickly.

  8. Oh No! I'm sorry to hear this - stay strong and use that antibacterial hand wash. You can't get this! I did enjoy the way you told us about this!

  9. Awwwww, this experienced farm hand would love to come help care for the whole barnyard.

    Hope they all recover quickly!

    Stay strong sweet momma.

  10. There is nothing good about stomach flu. NOTHING!!

    I hate that your babies are sick.

  11. ok, Sarah....who caught it from who??? My kids were up all night Wed night barfing! Yuck! Everyone got it except me (even Brian)....I think God spared me so that i could hold everyones hair! It was a horrible night!
    Maybe it was something at that McDonalds! Those germy slides and tubes! Usually these viruses take 2-3 days to we assumed we picked it up at church. Did Amy's kids get anything?? So sorry you all are sick....I totally know how hard it is.....double yuck!!!

  12. Oh, no! I hope you get to feeling better soon!

  13. I'm so sorry Sarah!

    My Mattea is doing the same thing! (except now she has the worst case of diarrhea!)

    And this too shall pass, eh? :)

    What a great example you are!