Friday, April 4, 2008

Cold Tangerines: Prize Winners

And the winners are:

$50 Gift Card: Julie @ Buurstra + Buurstra

$25 Outback Giftcard: Emily @ Dykstra House

$10 Starbucks Giftcard: Nancy @ Tulipa Murillo

Congratulations, ladies!


  1. I won something? I won something? I don't think I've ever won something. Thanks!!

  2. Yay! I don't win things ever either!! That just made my day!

    Thanks Sarah!

  3. Sarah, I'm so glad you posted Shauna's Q&A. It really gave me a deeper insight as to how and why she wrote this book.

    I must admit that this is not my favorite type of read, but after reading your reasons for loving this book and Shauna's purpose in writing it, I have a wonderful appreciation for both of you and your insight and honestly about life.

    Thank you again for sharing this gift with me. I feel very blessed by your generosity and blessed to see first hand your love of life and God.

    Congrats to those who won your prizes. I think knowing you is worth more than any are worth far more than your weight in gold :)

  4. Thank you! And thanks for doing this whole thing. It's been a lot of fun. Did I once hear mention of it being kind of a regular thing? A blog book club of sorts?

  5. Congrats - I'm only mildly jealous. :) Seriously - some Outback sounds good right now. Even if it is 8:45 AM.

  6. congratulations to the lucky winners.

    i wanted to leave a comment under the interview with shauna to tell you how much i enjoyed it. she said some things that really touched me and that resonated with me.

    thanks for posting the interview, sarah. it makes me want to dive into the book immediately.

    i agree with ginger. knowing you and you sharing your life is the biggest prize of all. thank you for the gift of the book and your blog.

  7. Congrats to all the winners! I feel like we are all winners because we all got a good book out of it.
    Thank you Sarah!!!

  8. Congrats to the winners!

    Am I allowed to ditto exactly what both Ginger and Diana said? (I know you'll say no - but I'm doing it anyway! ;-P Can you feel the love? heehee)

  9. Congrats to the winners! Thanks for doing this Sarah!

  10. Yeah to the 3 winners. Not familiar with any of them so I will check them out when I get a chance.

  11. Congratulations to all!

    I never did get my book. :( Mail can be a hot or miss here. Thanks for evrything you did with Cold Tangerine's. I enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts and getting to know the author through your interview too! Thanks.