Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Meeting Leigh Ann

Last June, when I had been blogging only about a month, another blogger, "Momma Roar", left me a comment on this recipe:

"Oh that looks yummy! I will have to try that one! I have two boys, too (ages 5 and 6 months - with a daughter in between the boys).

Will be trying this recipe soon. Thanks so much for sharing it!"

This was the first comment I'd ever received from someone I didn't personally know. And, one day later, she left me another comment saying she'd baked and loved these cookies (THE BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies you will EVER eat!) So, I clicked on the link...and thus, it began. My friendship with Leigh Ann.

What began as a mutual love of cooking and baking and all things Southern Living quickly grew into a real friendship...talking and emailing about our families, mothering, potty training, recipes, blogging, shoes, purses, and anything and everything in between. And during the course of getting to know her, I learned that she knew and grew up in the same small town as my college roommate, Lynn. Enter eerie music.

SO, when we traveled back East to introduce our friends and family to Lincoln a few weeks ago, I knew I just had to meet her in person.

We met at Cracker Barrel for dinner, and you know, I'd like to tell you what we talked about, but I hardly remember. (Partially because I was stuffing my face full of Chicken Fried Chicken and a brownie sundae!) But, really, because I felt like I was having dinner with an old friend, and we both talk so fast and so much that there was NO way to process it all. (Ok, so that's true and all, but honestly, if I told you the places our conversation went, you'd prefer that I kept it to myself.)

I don't know how or why Leigh Ann and I have connected like we have, but I know that God had His hand in it. Because day by day, as I care for my boys, and share my stories, and recipes (yes, I will do that, again!) and struggles, and the hilarity that comes with mothering little ones, she is here encouraging me, laughing with me, and challenging me to be a better mother and wife.

So, LA...I'm SO glad that we finally met in person. Thank you for sharing that yummy meal with me and for driving, in the rain, to meet me. But, mostly, thank you for cheering me on as I face day-to-day motherhood, and for encouraging me with your comments and emails and chats. You are a true friend and I'm so thankful to God for you!


  1. You both are pretty special.

    (You may take that comment any way you like.) ;-D

  2. Isn't it fun getting to meet one another? Hmmmm... where will you and I connect?

  3. It's so wonderful to meet some of our blogging friends face to face. I glad you got to meet her!

  4. here's what i wrote on LA's post:

    it's obvious that friendships are made here in bloggyland. it's definitely one of the benefits of blogging. then there are special friendships, like you and sarah. where you would be close friends if you lived in the same neighborhood.

    i'm glad you were able to find a way to meet each other and spend some time gabbing and eating. thanks for sharing that with us.

    i'll add that i would consider it a blessing to meet each of you.

  5. It's a small world after all....still in my head from my trip to Everland...

    I love that you played "the Mennonite game" with someone from my hometown...and NEITHER of you are Mennonite... and SURE ENOUGH, you discovered you both know me! How fun that you met in person.

    Party at my house (see comment on LA's blog). :o)

  6. That is so cool. This blog thing is really connective tissue for us mommies. Thankfully, I live in the same town as some serious bloggers. So I get to see them everyday. It does a body good!

  7. That's so awesome! I too would love to meet so many of you someday in person! How fun!!

  8. I LOVE cracker barrel... the chicken and dumplins and the country store! :)

  9. That is so cool. Blogging friends meeting at last! There are so many wonderful benefits to the online world. I love to hear that!

    Plus, if she's from MD, she's automatically uber cool in my book. ;)

  10. How wonderful to meet a bloggy friend in person. So fun!

    Of course I had to check out your recipes :o) The chocolate chip cookie is almost exactly the recipe I use (just a little variation in amounts) and they are simply the BEST - one of my favorite foods. Now I will have to try the bread - looks so good!

  11. How cool - what a packed trip that was for you. But so neat that you got to connect with another blogger on a more personal level.

    BTW, what a FUN morning. I mean really, it was a lovely Disney Store going-ketchup on the shirt wearing-fits about Restoration Hardware-train table/story time-treehouse morning. Can't wait until next weekend!

  12. I can't think of two nicer young wives and mother to meet. You are both very special young women and I am proud to call you both friends.

  13. Great fun! I am so happy for you both! Isn't God amazing? I love how He orchestrates our life when we aren't looking!

    Blessings to you!

  14. I hope someday I can meet one or all of my blog-life friends. Glad you found a kindred spirit in Leigh Ann!

  15. I commented over at Leigh Ann's that I'd been reading you for a short while but I agree with everything she said about you and I think the world of her, too! So neat the two of you got to meet. I love the photo!

  16. It's a rare and special treat to meet up with a blogging friend. Trust me, I'm sure LA had her socks blessed off meeting you!

    Can't wait to get together and talk about LA and get the whole scoop on your visit together.

    Do you think the 3 of us will ever sit across the table from one another? I sure hope so!

  17. :-) What a great time we had!

    I hope it works out to get together again sometime.

    Be sure, when you meet up with Ginger next, that you don't tell her the stuff I said about her! ;-)

    BWA hahahahaha :-)

    Just Kidding Ginger!!