Monday, April 28, 2008

The Post-Splurge Purge

I went on a mega-shopping trip with my friend, Jenni, last weekend.

This wasn't a meet at the mall and pick out a few things off of the sale rack kind of trip (um...that's about once a week!). This was a let's leave the kids at home and meet at Starbucks bright and early and shop until dinnertime outlet trip.

I had not been outlet shopping with one of my girlfriends in years. Oh, was I giddy for the week prior to going! In preparation, I was supposed to go through my closet and figure out what in there would fit my post-3rd baby body and what needed to be bagged up and sent far, far away. But, alas, I left for our trip with no list and a closet full of clothes I never wear.

Our trip was highly successful; however, my new clothes just sat in their bags for a week. Partially because it dropped 40 degrees in one day, and we're back to coats and the threat of snow. Crazy city. And, my new pink-polka dotted camisole just won't work in that kind of weather.

But, mainly because there was just nowhere to put them. My closet was filled with outdated clothes from college (Lynn, you would have recognized many of them!) and clothes that were way too small in all the wrong places. And, did you really think my disorganizational woes started and stopped with the laundry? My closet laid victim, too.

Until this weekend.

I purged. And, I mean purged. I filled eleven bags full of clothes and shoes that are now on their way to the Goodwill in my husband's overstuffed car. Oh, the bliss of empty hangers and a place to put clean laundry and a shoe rack that will actually hold my shoes.

I keep walking into my room and smiling and asking myself why purging my closet felt so good? Surely, it's that eleven bags of my clothes and shoes will be worn by someone who really needs them. And, the clothes that now hang in my closet actually fit. And, it's certainly the two simple words that bring that adorable smile to my sweet husband's face: Tax deduction.

Who am I kidding? Jenni, let's go shopping, again!


  1. Oh, I love shopping trips like that! Good for you in going through your closet. I recently did that & gave away 3 full bags of clothes and you're right, it does feel good!! Hope you enjoy your new clothes!! Have a great day, my friend.

  2. love it! i did a purge around here not long ago and LOVED it. even though in general i don't get into houseworky kinds of things.

    yay for a big shopping trip!

  3. "This wasn't a meet at the mall and pick out a few things off of the sale rack kind of trip (um...that's about once a week!). This was a let's leave the kids at home and meet at Starbucks bright and early and shop until dinnertime outlet trip."

    Haven't had one of those since, since, since ... before kiddo. :-(

  4. I love the feel of fresh cleaned out closets-can't help but smile at the organization!

    Sounds like a very fun and wonderful shopping experience. I can't remember the last time I shopped with a friend (or even minus kids)....

  5. OH man... I LOVE that fresh purge feeling when I clean out a closet. And going shopping with a friend for a WHOLE DAY? Heaven.

  6. I so need to clean out my closet too - I hope this is the inspiration I need!!

    I wanna go shopping with you!!!

  7. I need to clean out my closet too- my husband just said to me last night that when my leg is healed I need to get rid of those clothes.
    Hopefully soon- very soon!

  8. OK, that's hilarious because I just purged the rest of my closet this weekend too so I could fit in the new clothes. I had gone through the girls' stuff, just not mine. It is so nice to look into my closet and realize that 90% of it fits (there are those few treasured items that I just can't part with yet).

    I'm all about another shopping trip - as soon as Dave gets the brown paper bag off of his face after the first one. I think the first thing I said when I walked in the door was something like, "Honey, don't even ask because I just have no idea how much I spent." LOL!

  9. Good for you! You had fun and cleaned closets too!

  10. My hubby and I just cleaned out our closets about a month ago and felt the same sort of satisfaction. Of course I was going to sell our clothes at a garage sale, but after some thought (and agonizing over the thought of having a garage sale) I think I will give the clothes to goodwill too.

  11. Alicia and Alfred just did a purge this weekend of his old clothes. I think she is on a mission to dress that boy up! It was so cute to watch them.

    I love to purge, it's the shopping I hate. Maybe the body has much to do with that!

  12. oh how fun! i love those kind of shopping days, although they are totally exhausting - right?

    i cleaned my closet out a couple of months ago. i had 4 giant black lawn bags full to the brim. i knew there were outdated and non-fitting clothes, but i was shocked i had that much.

    enjoy your new roomy closet and your new clothes.

  13. Love it!!! You mean you got rid of those perfect bargains from the GAP sale rack?!?! You taught me so much. :o) I am now wondering how much you would laugh if you looked in MY closet and saw how many things I still have from college....I probably even have a thing or two that were hand-me-downs from YOU!

    Love you and hope I can join in the shopping fun some day!

  14. There is nothing better than a clean closet! I am just thinking 11 bags??? WOW! Was that just your clothes, or hubby's too? I am in desperate need of a purge.

  15. Good for you! Wanna purge for me too?

    Do you know Lynn in real life or only through Blogging? She might come to Japan to hang out with me----how cool is that!?

  16. I think even I would clean my closet if there was promise of a shopping splurge in my future! Awesome!