Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I'm an internet news junkie. I'm a bit nosey (haha, Babe...I see those eyes rolling!), and I like to know what's going on in every corner of the world. Plus, don't you hate it when you're sitting at dinner with friends and you have no idea what news story they're talking about? Ok, so maybe that's only me...but I just want to keep educating myself and I want to be able to have intelligent conversations on a wide variety of topics.

Really, I find the world truly fascinating...and I find people to be quirky in general, and I enjoy reading about their quirkiness.

So, I read news on various sites, and have all kinds of bookmarks linking to celebrity news (Honey, stop rolling those eyes!), the latest in business, finance, and what I call "news news". World and national news. Newsweek type news.

But lately, I've been avoiding my favorite "news news" site. I find much of what is written there to be simply sensationalized garbage. I don't get it. Are we so thrilled and moved by sensationalism that the real news of the world just isn't interesting unless it's gross, or highly disturbing, or shocking?

A lot of these stories fill me with fear and keep me up at night. Not the ones about hunger in Africa, or poverty in the inner cities...those stories bring me to my knees. But the so-called "news" stories where people do grotesque things to their children, or describe in detail some sort of terrible assault, etc. You know the ones I'm talking about. I just hate filling my mind with that kind of perversion and I hate that it even exists.

But, as I was sitting pondering this the other day, a familiar hymn came to mind:

"This is my Father’s world.
O let me ne’er forget.
That though the wrong seems oft so strong,
God is the ruler yet."

What incredible words. What a bold expression of faith.

Yes, we're stuck somewhere between Eden and Heaven and this world is a messed up place. And the doings of a planet full of sinners are on daily parade for everyone to read about. But, this is my Father's world.

He is the Ruler.

And, I don't want to forget that. Ever.


  1. Those words from the hymn brought chills to my arms and tears to my eyes. So so true!!

    Thanks for sharing Sarah! I was watching the news this morning and thinking about our messed up world - I needed this reminder today!

  2. What a wonderful reminder! Thanks - you know I needed that today!

  3. I'm a bit of a news junkie myself and I really appreciate you words today.

  4. I couldn't have said it better!!!

  5. what a great post. i totally agree with you. just imagine what life would be like if we didn't believe in a God that reigns over all... even the bad and ugly.

  6. How lost we would be if that were not the case!

  7. He is the Ruler yet - and when I first saw your title, I thought of a ruler (to measure with) and thought how perfect - we should always measure ourselves against Him and His Word

  8. A great post SS (gotta a little publish happy there!)

    And again, happy birthday!