Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ten Thinks I Thought Today

1. How can such a thunderous sound come from such a tiny, little body?

2. Is it "real simple" to make "Real Simple" magazine?

3. Does everyone read the back of their shampoo bottles while in the shower?

4. What is it about those whoopie pies?

5. Is this wind storm bringing Mary Poppins to my doorstep?

6. Will Starbucks ever deliver?

7. Did I really birth three boys in less than four years?

8. What would I name my boat if I owned one?

9. Who do I like better: Woody or Buzz?

10. Is he really three months old today?


  1. I have no IDEA how such little bodies can make such loud noises...but a mute button would be nice.

    I have never even thought about reading the back of my shampoo bottle...but I will tonight.

    And I had three kids in four years too!! Great minds think alike right?? Right?? Yeah...I'm not so sure either.

    Love your blog!

  2. Oh, Sarah, you have me laughing today. The thing about whoopie pies is that they are from LANCASTER, and as I have told you before, all good things come from Lancaster County! ;o) I need a snack...

    Love you!

  3. I always, always, always read the shampoo bottle. It's nearly always the one I read last time I shampooed my hair, yet still, I read it. Once I found one with an error and it drove me batty!

    I wish a storm would bring Mary Poppins to my door. I could use a break.

    I'm all for Woody.

    Congrats on your little one's fraction-of-a-year birthday! What a cutie.


  4. Ok, he is just too cute for words! I love reading the back of shampoo bottles, it's my only "reading" time of the day! :)

  5. #4 - you know you love 'em!!!

    I had 3 children in 4 1/2 years...what was I thinking? ;-) Nah, I wouldn't trade it for anything...

    What a cutie that little Lincoln is - give him a squeeze from me!

    Btw, I had two banana crumb muffins for breakfast...yummy! Did you buy any bananas yet?

  6. Oh the time does go so fast!
    I love whoopie pies- it's that yummy filling and yes- I do sometimes read the back of the shampoo bottle in the shower if I'm not ready to leave the hot water yet.

  7. YOu mean 3 kids in 4 years ISN"T normal??? Well, I guess I'm a weirdo too.

    You're baby (and other boys) are absolutely precious!

    -Marie (formerly Bull)

  8. #1 - Because God has a sense of humor.
    #2 - I don't think anything is Real Simple.
    #3 - Only when I have more than 30 seconds to shower.
    #4 - Can you believe I've never had one? Next family dinner?
    #5 - Oh how I wish it would.
    #6 - Oh how I wish they would.
    #7 - I'm right there with you (4 in 4 - yikes).
    #8 - The Gilligan. You know you would.
    #9 - Woody - Buzz is too beefy and Woody has that nerdy charm that I like. LOL.
    #10 - Happy 3 months Lincoln. I'll have to give you 3 squeezes today.

  9. I loved this! I so enjoy the random thoughts that constantly roll through my head, and I had fun reading your's too. Jenni's responses also cracked me up.

  10. LOL!

    I sometimes read the back of shampoo bottles when I want to stretch my shower out as long as possible!

    I remember my first and only whoopie pie - I was in the 2nd grade and our student teacher made them for us on her last day. I have a vivid memory of it- it must have been good!

    Please come Mary Poppins and use a little magic to clean up my house!

    Oh Lincoln can you be 3 months old already. What a cutie! Happy 3 month birthday!

  11. Even if Starbucks would have a carhop service. I'd settle for that!
    Hey, you won! Pretty soon you'll be swimming in chocolate! What are you favorite kisses (feel free to mix it up)? Let me know via e-mail, along with your address! Congrats!!

  12. ROFL re. No. 1.

    Happy three-month birthday.

  13. i can understand you wondering all those things - except for the boat thing. where did that one come from? =)

    happy 3 month birthday lincoln and wishing you all a great weekend.

  14. Well, we don't watch much Toy Story here, but we talk about our favorite princesses! My 2 big thoughts of the day: "It was a good thing our bay window is late being replaced. How would I have explained to Marc that Sierra punched out the new screen and it was punctured by the hydrangea bush?" and "How hard do you have to wrench your pinky toe on a toy before it breaks?" Both were followed with, "Please give me patience and guidance, Lord." 3 months old! Happy to you, Lincoln! (as Jules used to say!)

  15. oh, that face! so utterly adorable...give him a big kiss from me and let him know that i miss him very much :) love you all!

  16. Wow, I can't believe it has already been 3mo. Have you adjusted well to having 3 boys? He's sure cute!

  17. Um, do you need to get out more? Just kidding...

    Yes, I do read my shampoo bottles...well, I used to, I can't read without my glasses anymore and that just doesn't work in the shower.

  18. Hey Sarah! What is it with baby TOOTS? Brady is so loud he shakes the house! And yet... it's so cute. We crack up every time.

    Oh, and for the record, I read the same shampoo bottles every morning. (Lather, rinse, repeat!)

  19. I finally found something in the store that is "like" the whoopie pie! Have you had Oreo cakesters!! OH my, they are sooo good!
    Love the list