Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ABC Days

Awakened by little footsteps.

Breakfast please, Momma.

Can I have a banana, too?

Daddy has to go to work...we'll miss him.

Everybody's finished. Do you want to play cars wiff us?

Forego shower...again.

Gulp down a cup of chai.

How about we go to the park today?

Instantaneous squeals and laughter.

Jump in the car.

Kick harder and you'll swing higher!

Let's go to McDonald's for lunch.

Meals. The Happy kind.

Naptime at home.

Oh, the bliss of silence.

Playtime...for Mommy and Lincoln. And laundry.

Quick shower. Or nap.

Rise and shine, little buddies.

Soon Daddy will be home!

Train table time while we wait.

Uh-oh, Mommy. I hear something. IT'S DADDY!

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. Finish your dinner first. You can do it!

We had such a great day, didn't we?

Xtra special kisses and nighttime prayers.

Yep, life is so good.

Zzzzzzz's for all. Hopefully.


  1. What a great post! I love it. I can also relate to the chai, it is my favorite.
    Enjoy these times.

  2. Sounds like one of those wonderfully full days that leave you exhausted and satisfied all at the same time. Oh wait, that's every day. :)

    Hope the morning is going well!

  3. How fun!! You did a great job! :)

  4. Can you be any more creative?!?!?! You claim you are not crafty, but your artistic side certainly comes out in your blog. Way fun post.

  5. i loved this, too. you did a great job! hope you got those zzzzzzz's =)

  6. What a great poem! That took lots of thinking I bet!

  7. what a fun post! I love it! You will be so glad you recorded the day to day when your boys are oh say teenagers. Something tells me we will wish that we were back in these stages!~

  8. What a great post! You're very creative, Sarah!

  9. Great idea for a post! I'd love to use the idea in the girls scrapbooks. Your day sounds like fun and BUSY! Hope you enjoy every minute of your precious boys!

  10. So I made it to B on your list and had to click on the pancake link, and then click on the bottom of that to all the recipes that you have posted on your blog... they all look so good! And I really love how you posted pictures of each of them... I think I may just have a baked potato for dinner today... hmmm... :)

  11. That was so creative. And you managed to go in sequence throughout a day!

  12. wow, nice job! i'm very impressed.

  13. what a clever post - i love this idea!

    it sounds like a wonderfully full day - one that would make everyone sleep well in the evening!

  14. Do you happen to have an extra letter "N" at your house? I could really use some naptime around here.

  15. Whoa! Great post, and links to our favorites, too!

  16. This is so clever. It could be a meme!!

  17. love this...makes me want to come and play :)

  18. There's my creative friend just being all creative again! How cute was that post! Oh, isn't life wonderful!

  19. Oh, I just loved that. How sweet.