Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jack - Spring 2008


Age: 3 1/2
Personality: WILD, full of life, constant talker (just like Mommy), quick as a whip, hilarious.


Foods: waffles, bananas, PB & J, spaghetti, pizza, cookies
Songs: Jesus, My Only Hope, Real Gone (from Cars), The Wheels On the Bus
Books: The Jesus Storybook Bible, Chameleon's Colors, My Big Train Book, Tiny Bear's Bible
Movies: Cars, Lion King, The Jungle Book, The Rescuers
TV show: Go, Diego, Go
Games: Boggle, Jr., Perfection, puzzles
Toys: Mr. Potato Head, Thomas trains/table, Cars toys, Anything that can be made into a Mater.
Activity with Mommy: baking cupcakes
Activity with Daddy: wrestling


Keep that spark, bud! Your love of life gives us energy and fills our home with laughter. You keep us fit, and you are so stinkin' smart that you take everything apart. And you always find where we've hidden the treats. You are pure joy!

We love you, buddy!
Mommy and Daddy


  1. Kind of reminded me of the end of Bob the Builder, ya know?

    All 3 boys are so sweet! And you two are the perfect parents for them!

    So, who was that lady, just a few months ago, asking all her blog readers how they do it with 3???

  2. Your children are beautiful and they will become amazing men because of you my dear friend.

    As for Jack, it's my prayer that he never cuts the cat's fur, tests the smoke alarms, or spray paints the hood of your car. Yes, being smart as a whip is great but...

    ...okay, I lived through all of it and wouldn't change one minute of all the inquisitiveness. How boring my life would have been without her :)

  3. What beautiful posts about all 3. Isn't it amazing how they can be similar and yet so different? They are all amazing gifts from God and I know that you are raising them as such!

  4. I loved these posts for your boys - awesome!

    They are beautiful boys Sarah!

    These boys are blessed to have you and Jason as parents and the bond they will have as brothers - you can see it already.

    PS Giggling about Jack because he sounds so much like my Landon - they would be good buds I think but they would probably get into quite a bit of mischief together :o)

  5. What a fantastic idea to record all of this stuff for them. They will love knowing it later in life. I might have to do this in July since it's such a milestone month for us.

    Oh you have some sweet kids! They make it very easy to love on, even amidst the wildness. :) We are so glad to know them (and you!) on a personal level.

  6. So this is what Jason looks like on an espresso? :)

    It's a blessing to watch your family grow. I remember when little man Jack changed your life forever... did you know you had such love in you?

    We just marvel. We love you, Jack. Thanks for starting the ball rolling.

  7. there as SO fun, sarah. great idea.

    yay for Jesus Storybook Bible and Tiny Bear!

  8. i love that picture of jack. and he seems like he would be full of life. i love how you described each boy. they are all so different, huh?

  9. Your children are all beautiful. And Lincoln is getting so BIG! That was a good way to update on their likes/personality. Do you mind if I steal that idea for my blog? I keep seeing things Kyra does, and think "I've gotta write down that she learned to do that at this age, or else I'll forget." I tell you they grow up so fast.

  10. The last few posts you did for your kids were awesome! They are so darling & my boys LOVE Cars too!

  11. Reminds me of Jason! Smart, fun, taking things apart! Didn't he take Pap's lawn mower apart once?

  12. What a great way to record what they are up to at this age/stage in the Spring. Great have adorable boys!