Friday, May 2, 2008

Leave A Memory Winner!

I just gotta say that you all made me laugh and cry. And, often at the same time.

And to those of you who have known me for a loooooong time: You brought back so many of our memories together that I had forgotten. Thank you for not completely embarrassing me like I know you could have...though, my sister, Anna, came very, very close. But, what can I say? She has more dirt on me than Jack's got on his post-playground bum.

I cherish every one of the comments you left. Thank you for sharing in My 300th Post.

And, the winner of the Barefoot Contessa Package is:


And, lest you think I cheated and just picked my favorite person (though, I do think the world of Mari), I used a randomizer and this is what it said:

Research Randomizer Results: 22

I hope you all have a great weekend! Congratulations, Mari!


  1. Congratulations Mari!!

    Thanks for the fun contest SS!!

  2. Congratulations, Mari, and happy cooking.

    SS ... ya gotta do more of these.


  3. What a great surprise! Thanks - I can't wait to try the brownies and check out that cook book!

  4. congratulations mari. i bet this was fun for you, sarah. it was fun for me to read some of the comments and learn more about you.

  5. Yeah for Mari! I can't wait to see some yummy stuff.

  6. What a very, very fun post!! My favorite memory of you was clicking on your blog for the first time and feeling like I had met a great friend.

    Congrats on the 300.

  7. Congratulations Mari! Enjoy your cookbook and brownies!

  8. Congrats, Mari! I guess we'll be eating plain old brownies for a while. :)

  9. Sorry I missed all the fun!!! I had very good intentions of writing something, but jet-lag got the best of me! But you know I have some good (not good, GREAT!) memories and I enjoyed reading the others! We made it safely to Germany...barely...but getting back will be theraputic. (there's my "WAB" quote to go with MeriBeth's post!)


  10. Mari is the best and you are blessing her big time.

    Woohoo, I'm so glad she won!

    Great contest! Loads of fun!

    By the way, Mari lives close enough to bring you samples of those brownies :)

  11. What a fun thing to do. Maybe I'll copycat.

    Thanks for sharing your highest commendation of Aldo's on my blog. I am now perfectly excited to make that my top vote. I ran it by the two other moms, and they just have to run it by their hubbies. How can you beat top notch ambience AND wonderful food? Some places have one or the other. I loved the way the reservation guy handled our phone call. Very New York Italian hospitality, made me feel like he was personally inviting me to his table and would take care of everything, even the sending of their free van service to shuttle us back and forth from our parking garage. We vote on it as a group tomorrow!

  12. Yay, Mari!! I think she should take pics of the brownies in honor of your finished food pics. :) Oh - and maybe she'll belt her brownies into the carseat, too. (Check her blog if I sound insane.)

  13. Hey, congrats on the 300th post! I guess I missed this contest...I'll catch the next one. Congrats to Mari!