Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lincoln - Spring 2008


Age: 3 months
Personality: content, happy, great sleeper.


Foods: none yet; nurses like a champ, but happy to take a bottle when Mommy's out.
Songs: "Mommy Loves Her Little Baby" (by: Mommy), Jesus Loves Me
Toys: swing, bouncy seat
Activity with Mommy: snuggling
Activity with Daddy: getting tickled


You have changed our world and filled our hearts with more love than we can contain. You are content to wait while we serve your brothers, and we are so grateful that you sleep!

We love you, little man!
Mommy and Daddy


  1. I see a mini Sarah. Look at those lovey dovey eyes. What a sweetheart.

    And he's so lucky to have YOU for a momma. I love your singing voice. ("Jesus, I am resting, resting...")

  2. All three of these posts are just wonderful. It is so clear that you LOVE and are enjoying your boys so much.

  3. i can't just leave one comment covering all three posts.

    i agree with emily. every time i see lincoln's picture, i see such a strong resemblance to you.

    it's been fun to watch him grow. he's such a sweetie.

  4. Three months already. I wonder who he'll be more like, Jack or Max. Or maybe in the middle! Kate has done the same...filled our home with unmeasurable love and joy! So blessed! (Sierra sounds just like Jack!!!)

  5. I triple loved these posts! What a great way to highlight what the boys are doing and loving in this stage.

    Keep it up as they grow. You (and they) will be blessed by it!